Monday, July 10, 2017

Walmart Finds For The Kitchen

Whenever I have extra time to wander around Walmart, I always find something new. 

I don't usually go to the canning section, unless I need canning jars, so I hadn't seen these products...

Just look at these metal lids for canning jars in pretty new styles and colors.

My favorite of the two styles is the floral one, but the red ones work for me too!

The jar lids are from The Pioneer Woman's collection that Walmart carries. As usual I didn't receive any compensation for sharing these products, I just thought they might make your kitchen a little more efficient and colorful.

I could only find the jar lids in the regular-size mouth, but I'm hoping they have the wide-mouth jar lids in this style too. 
My other new discovery is this funnel with a wide funnel bottom area that allows bigger stuff to slide right through. 

I like to use glass jars for almost everything I store in the cupboards and the refrigerator,  and sometimes it's hard to get things like cereal and soup to pour into a jar without spilling over the sides.
Life just got a little easier with these products in our kitchen...Do you love them too? 

The colorful lids come 4 to a package. I don't do canning, but I do suspect they're not meant to use when canning food. Like I said, I didn't find them in the large-mouth size, but I'm hoping they make some soon. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Aren't those seals the cutest? I saw them when a friend shared them on Instagram. Have not made it to Walmart to get some yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. They are beautiful, I have come across some similar in our supermarkets.

  3. I saw those too. I didn't get any but I think I'll pick some up on my trip to Walmart today. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.

  4. They sure are nice lids. I just might get some of them myself.

  5. I like both of these, will have to go looking when next we're at Wallyworld.

  6. Those are such beautiful lids! They would look lovely on strawberry jam.

  7. I love them too! I was just in Walmart yesterday. Wish I had seen your post, I would have looked for the pretty jar lids. Of course, I will be back in there by tomorrow.:(

  8. Oh, these are wonderful! I think I might need some of these......Thanks for the tip! xx Karen

  9. I love the Pioneer Woman and those are adorable lids. I have thought about attempting to place things in jars and containers as it would make storing so much more organized.

  10. I have an old metal thingie like your plastic one. Yes, it is MOST healpful... And though I'm not a canner myself, I sure would love to have a few of those lids to use on jars I use to store things in....I'd get the floral one, by the way.

  11. I love the Pioneer Woman line of kitchen stuff at Wal-Mart! I have a few myself:)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home