Sunday, July 30, 2017

Christmas-In-July Reindeer Sign

I'm sure you've all been breathlessly waiting to see if I really did complete that Christmas Sign I said I was going to make at a Christmas In July chalk paint class. Well my friends, wait no more!
The big treat for me was that when I sent a text, with pictures of the sign, to my three and a half daughters (half is Gina, who has been Oldest Daughter's closest friend since 1st or 2nd grade) the girls all loved it and wanted one. Shocker! Usually my projects are met with less than enthusiasm from the Peanut Gallery!

Now, there are some problems with red paint bleeding, but I will be fixing that soon with some sandpaper and distressing. 

The class only lasted 2 hours. Normally, between the white base coat and the red stencil coat, there would've been some sealer applied. 

The sealer would've kept the red paint from bleeding into the white. We didn't have time for a sealing coat to dry, so we had to skip that part of the process. 

The class was great fun with snacks and drinks and lots of joking. I've really missed being around groups of women since Wild Bill retired 5 years ago. When you're both retired, you tend to run in couples, not packs. 

If you live in Northeast Texas area, I highly recommend you check out 2 Chicks And Some Paint in Denison Texas. 

They've changed their name to -- 2 Chicks Home And Market -- to better fit with the direction their shop is going. I'll show you why in a future post. Right now I just want to brag about finally getting a project done!

The next day after the paint had a chance to dry more, I added some clear and dark wax, and roughed it up a little.

Sometimes my "More Is Better" philosophy causes me to overdo. I'm at the point where the dark wax on the sign makes it look like a reindeer revolt trampled over it!

So I guess finished...but not finished. I'll be using more sandpaper and elbow grease to see if I can take some of the dark wax off a little, to make it look a little less dirty. Always something!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Very nice, and I like the red bleeding into the white a little bit, it makes it a tiny bit imperfect!

  2. Brag ON, my friend! You have reason to be pleased!

  3. I really love it, and it again shows what a great eye and talent you have for these kind of projects!

  4. I love it, you are very talented.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  5. Looks great and you are all set with something new for Christmas!

  6. an adorable Christmas sign...thanks for coming by...

  7. You are so funny! I really like the sign!! I need to get out and find something interesting to do since Poppy is home more. Sometimes I think I am going crazy!!

  8. I was intrigued so had to come and see ...
    I do like the sign.

    All the best Jan

  9. Your sign looks great, I love it! Encouraged by all of the Christmas in July blog posts that I've been reading, I started a holiday stitching project.

  10. Really like the sign! I have had several of my friends attend classes at 2 Chicks Home And Market. I think we must live in the same area of North Texas. Go to Sherman often to shop.

  11. Super cute! Love the distressed look. When I get too much dark wax I find that I can take some of it off by applying clear wax ans then wiping it down. Happy Christmas in July, even though it is now August. :)

  12. I dunno. I really like the dark wax on there. I think it makes it look old and rustic-like you found it in an old house or barn somewhere. Looks good to me as is! xo Diana