Friday, July 21, 2017

The Sheep Picture Finds A Home

After tearing the house apart to do some small renovations, we're starting to get it back together. 

The breakfast room got an old cabinet, which finally provided a home for this large sheep print. 
We bought the print years ago. It's so heavy it just couldn't find a proper home until now.
The cabinet is solid and sturdy and can easily hold the sheep picture, which is printed on a very heavy piece of wood. 

I just leaned it against the wall, and just in case, I drilled two screws into the top of the cabinet in front of the picture to keep it from sliding.

I fell in love with the sheep-print-on-wood when I saw one on French Country Cottage's blog years ago! I ordered one right away (on the internet) and loved it when it arrived, but I wasn't expecting it to be so heavy. Beware of love at first sight!

As for the cabinet, it has been painted many colors in the past 14 years and is still in "progress" of its latest makeover. Among other things, I'm thinking of adding another layer or two of crown molding to the top.
We're still working on the paint for the newly installed cabinet in the dining room, so a lot of clutter found a temporary home in this cabinet. Once the other cabinet gets painted, this cabinet will hold mainly dishes, linens, teacups, etc.
Too many projects going on at one time, that's for sure! It seems one thing we do leads to another, just like those little Chinese puzzles we use to have as kids. To work the little puzzle, you would slide one up and then slide another one over...and on and on.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Wonderful cabinet - lovely print. (I need me a sheep painting/print...)

    1. Rebecca, I saw a very old picture of sheep in a pasture the other day and then another one. I wanted them both, but realized I might be going down another "collecting" rabbit hole! I walked away, but still thinking about them. LOL

  2. That is so true. One project here ALWAYS leads to another which is usually more labor intensive than the original project. lol

    That is a great picture and I remember seeing this somewhere before and loved it then, too.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Sugar.xo Diaa

  3. Glad your sheep finally found a home, he looks good there.

  4. I love the sheep picture and it looks so good on top of your cabinet.

    Boy start projects and something else always comes up.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  5. I love the cabinet and the sheep picture - They are perfect together, as are the other things on the shelf! You really have that decorating flair, which I truly admire and envy! I only know where to put another dog-bowl! ;-)!!!

  6. The perfect home for such a beautiful picture.

  7. The sheep picture looks pretty amazing!