Friday, July 28, 2017

Convoluted Math And Teacups

Joining Bernideen for her Garden Tea Party. Although I don't have a pretty tea set up to share, I do think ladies with teacups might also want to hang them!

Would you believe it took me forever just to hang a few teacups on a board? Yep, afraid so.
See how evenly spaced my little cups are? Apparently I don't have the gene that allows me to quickly figure out how to measure and screw 7 cup hooks into 36 inches of board.
I'll bet there are some of you who already did the math in your head and are dying to tell me how to do it...My husband is at the head of that line!
But sometimes a girl just wants to figure it out herself! Even if she has to take a rather complicated route to get there.

I didn't even say a word to the Clark Kent in the next room. I didn't want him to turn into Superman and solve my delimia for me. I just wanted to figure it out myself.

The board was exactly 36 inches. Half of 36 = 18 inches. That should be the middle of the board right? Good So Far.

Now, here's where I think 18 inches on one side...18 inches on the other side. Divide by 3 cups on each side of the center cup. 

Let's see... Divide 18 inches by 3 cups = 6 inches between each cup!  Uhh, Nope. 

That puts cup number 1 at 6 inches and cup number 3 at 18 inches. The center cup (cup number 4) is already at the 18 inch spot. Scratch head. Start again!

Then I realized I needed the end cups to start a little inside the end of the board. 

I set the first cup at 3 inches and subtracted 3 inches from 18 inches = 15 inches. 

So, there's 15 inches between the first cup and the fourth cup, which is sitting at 18 inches. 

Divide the 3 cups into 15 inches = 5 inches between each cup.  Finally I just laid the cups out at 5 inch intervals and eyeballed it!

I was exhausted at this point from the mental exertion of it all. I really think "Girl Math" must be much harder than regular math.

On an accomplishment high, I started screwing the cup hooks into the places I'd marked.

I got three cup hooks screwed in before I had to admit that -- even though I was now a mathematical genius -- I wasn't strong enough to twist all those cup hooks into that hard board. This is where I called Superman. 

He flew in, gave the situation a steely glance...went to the garage and returned with his drill and drill bit. 

Apparently starting the hole with a drill bit makes screwing in cup hooks a whole lot easier, even for Superman.

Now, I'm open to learning how I could've figured this out easier and quicker. Anyone have a better way? Leave me a message, I'm all ears.

I'm joining Bernideen's Tea Related Blog Party today. I hope you'll join me there.  

As far as 5-On-Friday, since there's 7 tea cups in this post, I'll bet you're thinking, "There she goes with that funny math again!"  

But no...the party rules say you can also do 5 minutes on one subject. Who knew I could do 5 minutes on hanging teacups.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I just end up pulling my hair out in frustration when it comes to tasks like this.

  2. I'm gonna say I'd just put the cups in the closed cupboard and out of sight out of mind.

    Congrats on your math skills tho. You rock.

  3. ...I'm sorry, but I got lost in all that, math was never my thing.

  4. After all that, they really do look lovely hanging up, the blue really stands out!

    1. Thank you! It's really the finished product that makes the struggle to get there worth it, isn't it?

  5. You're brilliant. Looks great.

  6. Sugar, you have made me laugh! 7 cups means 8 spaces(because you need a space between the last cup and the dresser wall), 36 divided by 8 is 4 and a half. So, one hook every 4 and a half inches. I must say that your dresser looks absolutely gorgeous. x

    1. I think you're the only one that realized I was joking (a little) about the math. Funny thing is, I have 8 cups, but couldn't figure out the math for that one at all! I put one of the dried roses in it and called it a day.

  7. I can do the math quickly, but the labor would have been all my husband's, I wouldn't even have tried.

  8. How ever you did it, those tea cups look lovely hanging there.

  9. I think the end result looks great! Honestly, I have a bit of a headache just reading about the math involved. I'm more a just wing it person which isn't exactly compatible with projects like yours. Hope you are enjoying your tea cups!

  10. Haha! Girl math is much harder for sure. I'm glad to find another DIYer who has a hard time with the math. Love the way you've displayed your cups Sugar.
    :) Patti

  11. Oh, I remember adding the same kind of hooks under a cabinet in the kitchen a few years ago and even if I like maths, it was a bit complicated since you don't want the end teacups to be too close to the edge... It sure looks beautiful anyway.

  12. Can't do maths at all but probably would've done something similar. Find the middle several times over until I'd divided the space equally. Love your dresser unit, pretty and functional. Cathy x

  13. A very entertaining 5 minutes of teacup hanging! They look very pretty too!

  14. Golly, your way made sense to me. ~smile~
    I had thought about hanging some teacups, but now? No way! Tee hee!

    In response to your question about my decluttering....

    I'm still working on it! Still working on it! It's a long process since I have little stamina right now because of the chemo.
    Be blessed!

  15. Oh you have me confused haha...I stress out about such things and hanging pictures in a row is a nightmare for me! You did great though and good for you sticking with it! It turned out perfectly and I love your decorations! Thank you for linking with Willy Nilly and I hope you have been having a wonderful week!

  16. Love this post and I truly empathize! I usually defer these things to the hubby, too. Thank you for the tips and the giggle!

  17. Sugar, The end result is very nice so all is well. Love the blue and white. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  18. Really enjoyed your math and cups delima! Love your gorgeous white cuboard! Supermen are always necessary. Please visit my post of Seashore tea time!

  19. I like the pattern on your cups. Very similar to my tea pattern I used today.

  20. You did a great job,your cupboard is very elegant!

  21. Loved looking at your pretty cupboard! I just guess when i hang my teacups. Not perfect but easy!

  22. Yep, it's been too long since I used real math on a regular basis, so I'm strictly into my own brand of funny math these days. But don't tell my husband, because he's a real math guy!

  23. What a totally fun post. I never measure anything. My husband is the perfectionist here. I just eyeball things. I start in an "eyeballed" middle and go out from there. I make mistakes too. Your shelving looks lovely and I am so glad you shared and linked!

  24. Your blue and white teacups look great hanging against your white cupboard. I can relate to the pain of trying to hang things perfectly!