Monday, June 4, 2018

Plants And Flowers Around Town

When we're out and about in Texas, I love to look for garden inspiration in and around the towns we visit.

Around McKinney Texas today lovely flower pots are in bloom...

Most shops have pots full of plants and flowers, but some have flowers planted down in the sidewalk dividers too.

A few years back, one of the shopping centers even created a Long Horn topiary to add some greenery to a bedding area...

The shop called My Favorite Room is one of my favorite stops, not only for the wonderful furniture they sell, but for their potted garden in front of the shop.

 The entry to the shop is on the north side of the building and gets less of the hot summer sun than a west side exposure would get. 

I try to remember that when I want to duplicate their look. When we first bought our house, the builder had planted evergreen trees like the ones potted in these pictures of My Favorite Room's entry.

The evergreens our builder planted were on the east..and sort of south...side of our house (where our entryway is) and that summer was terribly hot. We had lots of days with temperatures over 100 degrees, and those poor trees did not last at all!

I'll take the cue from this shop and maybe try planting some of these type trees on the north side of the house in the future. 

When you're not a good gardener, but love the look, I've finally learned it's best to study and copy the ideas of others who do it better. 

If you are looking for ideas for your garden too, come join the party at Everyday Living's Garden Party here.

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  1. What beauty! I will have to take photos in our little town to share. A wise move to note what works for others and fllow suit.

  2. I love seeing all of the blooming flowers. It's the most wonderful time of the year. xo Laura

  3. What beautiful sights and great ideas!

  4. What a lovely walk that would be. wish all city streets looked that way.

  5. The flowers really are lovely, and they really do inspire you too. I always enjoy the hanging baskets, pots etc., that towns and shops place about, their bright colors and good vibe make you want to shop...At least it does me! :-)

  6. I loved strolling around the town with you taking in the beautiful flowers! I should photograph our little historic downtown. You just gave me an idea! Thanks so much for linking to Gardens Galore and sharing the love. I have learned just like you, see what others have had success with and do likewise!

  7. It was a lovely walk and enjoyed the unique containers they used. The display were very pleasing and gave me some ideas for myself!

  8. So many pretty flowers! I love walks like that...and I am not a good gardener, so I copy too!!

  9. All the flowers are pretty, but I would really like the have that Long Horn to stand up around the garden somewhere.

  10. Lovely blooms. The bull is brilliant.

  11. You took us on a beautiful stroll, the flowers were a delight but the topiary just topped it all, stunning.

  12. Beautiful! I love the inspiration.