Monday, March 4, 2019

The Way Grandma Made Dessert

Do you have 3 apples you need to use up? 

Here's an easy way to make a simple dessert that serves four. 

Folks, I'm not breaking new ground here! Just suggesting you won't dread making a dessert so much if you approach it in a less formal way.  

It May Not Be Pretty, But It Tastes Good

In addition to 3 peeled and sliced apples (maybe 4 if they're small) you'll need:

Flour, sugar, cinnamon, butter, 1 lemon, and an unbaked, 9-inch pie crust.

My Grandma was a good cook, but she seldom measured anything like people do today. 

She had lots of kids, including 3 sets of twins! She didn't have time to measure.

Me (15 with "The Bubble" hairdo), Grandma, My Older Brother

Grandma trusted her cooking would come out right if she added what she had on hand and tasted it a few times along the way. 

That's how I tend to make this dish...simple, quick and easy! And if you cut up the apples for them, even little kids can have fun making this dessert with you.

If you have a favorite pie dough recipe, as I'm sure Grandma did, go ahead and whip one up! Otherwise use a pre-made one.

I like to keep this brand on the fridge or in the's easy to keep on hand, and most people think it tastes like it's homemade.

To squeeze the juice from the lemon, I use this cheap inexpensive little squeezer I bought at the grocery store (probably Walmart) a while back. 

It isn't fancy, but it's easy and can be put in the dishwasher

Sometimes spending less works better!

I've bought several other type squeezers that broke right away

With just a few twists, all the juice ends up in the bottom of the attached cup and can be poured out right onto the apples!

In a large bowl, mix the lemon juice into the sliced apples then sprinkle in as much cinnamon as you like. It's up to you! I go crazy because we like cinnamon.

Add sugar depending on how sweet you like your apple dessert. We tend to like ours less sweet so I use just 2 to 3 Tablespoons. 

At this point, the simple way to determine if there's enough sugar and cinnamon for you is to taste it by eating a slice of apple... No duh huh? You'd be surprised how many people want exact measurements.

Add a bit of butter by cutting up a few slices from a butter cube and mixing it into the apples. 

To thicken the juices that the apples will create while cooking, sprinkle 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour onto the apples (maybe more if they're really juicy) and stir it in well.

Spread your pie crust into an ungreased baking dish. I used an 8 by 8 inch cake pan, but use what you have on hand.

Pour the apple mixture into the middle and pull the sides of the dough up snug around your apple mix to keep the juices inside the crust as it bakes.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30 to 38 mins. Check at 30 mins to see if the apples are done enough. Stick a fork into a piece of apple and taste it...if it makes you happy, it's done! Otherwise give it 5 more minutes and taste another piece of apple, but don't overcook it.

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  1. I am with you on baking, make it easy and if it tastes good then its the right measurement or its done. I am a great fan of apple pie.

  2. I have made open face pie many times. Just as good and super easy. I like doing things the easy way!

    1. Cheryl, so many times when I'm faced with making a complicated recipe I put it off forever. Give me a few apples, a crust, and some common sense and it's done in no time.

  3. My mouth is watering! I love this simple recipe and most of the time, tasting along way the saves a lot of heartache...or should I say tummy ache! Love the photo of you! :-) Love and hugs!

  4. This looks so yummy. I have used the Pillsbury crust and think it does taste like homemade. Love your bubble hair do looks adorable.

    1. Kris, most aren't old enough to remember the 60's hairstyles, but The Bubble was all the rage before Farrah came along! I had her style too a little later on. LOL the styles always had names back then.

  5. Sure looks good.
    Wow 3 sets of twins!!

  6. Yum! It looks good!
    Your Grandma was a busy lady!

    1. You are right Mari! She had 4 kids and then she had a set of twins, a set of twins, a single birth and a set of twins...7 children under the age of 6.

  7. This looks so good - love a simple recipe! Bless your sweet Grandma - 7 under the age of six. My goodness. I had 4 under the age of 5 and thought that was hard! Such a sweet photo!

  8. Rivercrest Cottage,
    This is basically the way I make Apple Pie these days. . .just one crust and no one complains!
    A 'pinch' of this and a 'dash' of that!
    I took a double take. . .then a triple take of you on the sofa with your G'Ma.I have a photo of me during my Sophomore year in HS and we could have been Twins! Honest!

  9. That's how my grandma made desserts, and other things too. That galette looks delicious, my grandma would make one with pears that was one of my favourites

  10. This is called a Rustic Galette and one of my favorite desserts...I've made so many apple, strawberry ...and love them both.
    Going to store tomorrow and will get some apples..will use your recipe. I keep the same kind of crusts in my fridge...

  11. That looks so delicious and easy to make! I am going to try it this weekend! Wow, 3 sets of twins, you grandmother was a busy lady!

  12. This looks fantastic! Both my grandmothers were fantastic cooks and of a generation that made do and didn't measure. Sadly, I don't have many recipes from them, but I remember their kitchens well.

  13. I don't have apples! But this recipe looks tasty and easy enough that I might just have to go out and get a few -- everything else, I already have! Thanks for sharing it!

  14. Look great to me! :) Thanks for the idea!