Friday, August 20, 2010

Among The Homeless

We are now homeless...Will we be out in the streets soon, trudging through the snow? Lost without a home? No, we're just happy to have the sell of the house over with today! YAY!!!

One thing I will miss though, and that's watching the squirrels out in the woods in the back sneak into Steve's yard next door and steal peaches. Sometimes we're treated to watching the squirrels roll the peaches out of Steve's yard, across the open area behind our back fences, and into the woods.

Steve planted 4 peach trees when we moved here 5 years ago. One year he bragged about how many peaches he harvested, but this year the squirrels seem to have managed to cart most of them off when he wasn't looking. I guess that's why they call it "squirreling it away" when they talk about people storing things up!

Anyway, it was hard to keep a straight face when Steve came fuming out of his yard with his shorts, cowboy boots, and big 10-gallon hat on, fussing about his lack of peaches...there's a saying in Texas "Big hat, no cattle"... but in this case, every time I saw him in his get-up, all I could think was "Big hat, NO Peaches!"

You can see his peach-less trees all lined up on the other side of our fence. "Hey Steve... what happened to all your peaches???"

It's for sure we will miss the peace and quiet, but it's also a sure thing that we WON'T miss the acre of mowing needed at least once a week.

We'll miss the big soaking tub in the master bath. I could use a good soak right now with all the moving we've been doing!

And...of course...I'll miss that front row seat on the couch watching the squirrels come from those trees way out there and sneak into Steve's yard and then back out with a nice juicy peach!

As my oldest daughter Jenny used to say when she was little: "Goodbye house" ..."Goodbye flowers" ... only I'd have to add: "Goodbye peach trees and squirrels" ..."Goodbye..." Well, you get the picture!


  1. Did you sell your house an forgit to buy another to live in? The entertaining story of the squirrels was great. So your off on ah new adventure. I hope it includes ah Loved the snow photo. You take care.

  2. We sold, but we are house-setting our parent's house in same town until it sells (see last post on how we stag their home so far.) We plan to buy our future retirement home in the same NW Texas area the parents are living now.

    I sure wish I was back in that snow again! The Texas temperatures have been 103, 104...with a weather factor that puts it at 110 degrees. Not good weather for moving, I think I lost 15 pounds. So glad it is over.