Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Mary

This post isn't about how to take the worst picture ever, although the picture above could be in the running for that contest.

No, see I was trying to capture areas around the house that are my favorites. The fireplace is one of them. I change the mantle often, but always leave the picture of "Little Mary" in the arrangements. Here she's in among my antique cowboy boots and my crown (What??? Like you don't have a crown?)

Here's a close up of Mary's picture. Her little feet are so sweet I could just kiss them. Dirt and all! My husband's paternal grandmother had a little girl who died when she was a toddler, then she had Little Mary. I can tell from the picture that Little Mary must have been adored by her mother. See how she dressed Little Mary all up, but left those cute little feet sticking out? You must her Mama have felt to have this little treasure after losing her first little girl?

Little Mary would've been my husband's aunt had she lived past childhood. Sadly, she died when she was 3 or 4. Her mother fell apart after her death and was sent to a hospital to get over her depression because that's what they did back then. How terrible she must've felt, left completely alone with only her longing for her precious little girls.

Her sweet little face will forever remind me of what's important in life. Her cute little dusty feet will help me remember to not take myself too serious.


  1. I almost cried. I cannot even fathom losing two children at such young ages. That must have been hell on earth.

  2. Sorry, that was me- Jenn- oops!

  3. I'm with Jenn -- I can't imagine how you get through that once, let alone twice. What a cute little girl! I love that she has a special place on the mantel and gets to celebrate the holidays and seasons each time you change out the decorations around her!

  4. Poor Little Mary. What a sad story.

  5. Oh, what a sad story, but a sweet ending since you keep Little Mary front and center. I found your blog somehow, oh yes saw a comment on Miss Mustard Seed and HAD to see who the "The Other Me is Sane" was. Great name. And I love your writing style.