Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey Chicagoland...What's Missing?

If you're living in the Midwest right now, I'm sure you know what's missing when you look outside here in's the piles and piles of SNOW you're under.

Yes, we do get some snow about 2 or 3 times per year in Texas, but it disappears within a few days to a week usually.

We took these pictures when we were house hunting last month. I really like the way the builder used rock and brick to make the planter areas. I think it looks pretty good for late December and can imagine how beautiful it will be in late Spring.

The cold weather kinda wilted the plants a little, but it still looks good to me.

The builder even fixed up the area between the driveway and the walkway, cute I think. What do you think?

Grass goes dormant here in Texas, so this grass is probably brown by now, but even before Spring the green will come back.
...So, for those loved ones of ours in the Chicago-area, take a look at what you could be seeing if you weren't under all that snow!


  1. Here in San Diego we are expecting a high of 77 in the inland areas today, with nothing but sunshine in the forecast for at least a week out or more!

  2. I am enjoying (ahem) the winter wonderland. Oh you are missing out on nippy wet noses walking on ice and making snow cones! nose is growing!

  3. My son lives in Chicago. Right now we have more snow in central Illinois than he does. I am so longing for an indication that spring will eventually come. Thanks for sharing the pics; they helped.

  4. We're hoping for snow in Virginia--Okay, I'm hoping for snow and I know my pups are too--And you're right, we're hoping for something green too!! Take care and enjoy your weekend!! :-)

  5. Kim, my daughter Jenny in San Diego doesn't understand how great it is to have 4 seasons and how much we look forward to a few snowfalls to give the ground a pretty dusting.

    And my daughter Jaysa in Illinois knows only too well how long the winter is when the snow just piles up and stays forever.