Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The PAR-TAY Animal

It's embarrassing to say, but 87-year-old Pop was the only one of our group young enough to go out and party on New Year's Eve. He went down to the dining room for dinner at their retirement community and was missing for 2 hours. When he returned, he was dressed to the nines and had high tales of dancing and partying with the other senior residents.

I guess you know I'm really sorry to have missed such a rousing party. And since it lasted from 6 to 8 pm I might have actually been able to stay awake through it!
...Well, maybe next year? How 'bout you? Did you stay in like Jessie, Gampy and me, or were you a wild child who partied like Pop?


  1. I went to bed at my usual bedtime. I guess I am not a party animal. LOL

  2. Pop clearly shows everyone who's the party pooper. LOL! I was home in bed by 11pm. Ya well.