Sunday, June 12, 2011

Modes of Travel

I drove over to Albuquerque last week, leaving Northeast Texas very early in the morning to try to get across West Texas during the cooler part of the day. Riding in air conditioned comfort, my thoughts wandered to the pioneer days and earlier modes of transportation.

Can you imagine how hard the ride must have been with wheels like these instead of our rubber tires? While I still love to watch Little House On The Prairie and fool myself that I would've made a sturdy pioneer woman, even my heavily padded tush would've ached after a few hours on this board seat.

My mother-in-law was born 24 years before I was (we share the same birth date) and she often tells me about riding in a wagon like this with her siblings. They had 10 girls and 2 boys in the family and she says in the winter they lay on quilts and snuggled together for warmth. There were plenty of cars around back then, but with that many kids this was the original mini-van!

Come on! Let's hitch up the horses and take a spin...well, maybe when the weather cools a little and we can pad the bottom with a lot of those quilts she talks about.


  1. lol...Most of us probably dream of being around in the days of our beloved treasures, but I don't think many of us (me included) would've lasted one day in those conditions.
    Great post, and great food for thought!

  2. Those were the days my friend, we'd thought they'd never end....