Monday, June 6, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

If a prize could be given for most patient dog, surely poor old Wrigley would be the recipient. This is my favorite picture of him and 'his baby', little Lily.

This past week, 2-year-old Lily and her mother have been visiting with the dogs. I've had quite a few chances to see how unbelievably patient poor Wrigs is...accommodating long passionate kisses with a little hand grabbing each cheek, being put in 'time out' even though no one was sure of his actual offense, and sitting through a pretend 'blow dry and comb out' that even the toughest-headed old bitty down at a beauty shop would object to.

I have a renewed respect for this dog, and mid-way through the week I gave in and threw a quilt on the couch and let him spend his evenings up on it. He surely deserved such a little comfort as a well deserved reward.


  1. That picture is adorable!! Your granddaughter is beautiful! And your dog looks so lovable!!

  2. Lily and Wrigley are so cute!!

  3. Yes that dog is ah keeper. Your Lily is precious too!