Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Down On The Farm

When we drove into the organic farm to buy meat and eggs, we enjoyed the sights of a typical farm setting. I wanted to skinny dip in the pond, but age has made me reluctant to strip...or maybe it's wisdom!

The gravel road kicks up dust, so you have to go slow. Just like at my grandpa's farm so many years ago. Some things just don't change no matter how much the world progresses.

Here's a shot of the outside of the farm store. When I asked what the hours are, the lady laughed! "Just don't come too early or too late" she said. Seems she lives next door and when she hears a car she walks over to tend the counter. The grandfather left the farm to her parents who then let each of their 3 children and spouses build a house and help run the farm. The whole family is committed to running it organic and keeping the beef grass fed and hormone free.

We found the farm cat to be quite friendly. Since Lily was raised with two cat-hating dogs, this was a treat for her to have a cat purr and flop over on its back to be tickled. And, speaking of being tickled...I asked to buy a dozen fresh eggs and was given 18 for the price of 12. The farm lady thought they were a "mite" small, so she made up for it by giving us 6 eggs free. We left feeling we'd gotten our money's worth, that's for sure.

Lily's mama took quite a shine to the rug on the floor, so I got a picture of it for her. I think I saw this rug for sale at Sam's Club or Target, but am not quite sure. Anyone out there who knows who sells it, would you please leave a comment? I think it's an in-door/out-door type rug, about 5 by 7 feet.


  1. Looks like a cute farm. Pretty nice to have fresh, organic meat and eggs 5 minutes from your house!

  2. Wow how nice to buy organic meat and eggs, we don't get those around here, the farm is very pretty.
    Have a lovely day!
    XXX Ido

  3. Beautiful time had by all. Having fresh organic meat and eggs would be such a treat.
    Thanks for stopping over at my place.
    I looked for a FOLLOW ME on your blog but didn't see one...?
    I got tickled at the name of your blog.
    Did you notice the little personality sign on my sidebar? Just added it so you may have been here before I did...