Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shopping The Garage: The Flour Bin

In the "olden" days, flour was kept in a bin like this one. No, I wasn't alive back then, just learned this from talking to people who were.

This flour bin has been beat up and banged up through years of use, not "creatively" distressed like most furniture re-do's are done today.

I unpacked a box in the garage and was glad to find the bin nestled among other treasures. I don't keep flour in it as there are better alternatives to use in this day and age. No, this flour bin will sit on the kitchen counter in the corner and hold all my dish cloths within easy reach when needed.


  1. That is interesting. Back home the flour 'bin' was a pull down bottom cabinet in the kitchen or pantry lined with metal to keep mice and things from chewing their way in. I love it and the chicken and coffee pot! Great find!

  2. Awesome flour bin...I love those old relics and I especially love reusing them and reloving them again. Great Garage find!