Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Halfway To...

As of January 1, Wild Bill is retired. I never thought it would happen. When he was working, he always loved Wednesday 'Hump Day' as it was the halfway point to his weekend. He also often laughed at me when I wasn't sure what day it was since retiring a few years ago.

Things have moved slowly this week. Yesterday we took down the Christmas tree and unpacked 5 more boxes from the garage. We also saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie at the early bird special, but skipped the grocery store when we saw too many cars in the parking lot.

I got up at 5 am this morning and about 6:45 Wild Bill sauntered out and sat down in his chair in the front room. He looked over at me and asked...

"What day is it...Wednesday... or ... Thursday?"

"Well" I said "Yesterday was Tuesday."

"Yeah, it was election day in Iowa" he said "'s Wednesday then?"

"Yeah, Wednesday" I said "Hump Day. We're halfway to...NO WHERE!"


  1. So he retired. Tell him the secret of living long and that is to keep busy. I know so well about the days mixed up. Now I tell hubby when he asks that "What ever day you want" ;-)

  2. Ha!, the other you might not be sane for long!Sometimes too much togetherness is not a good thing. LOL!

  3. he he.... I don't know the day half the time either and more so the date :)

  4. that is great. enjoy your time together. i am sure you have earned it!

  5. That's hilarious. I do it all the time since I retired. My husband will never retire he still works part time and I'm glad. lol Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words I appreciate it.

  6. Congrats on your hubby's retirement! That's pretty funny about him not knowing the day of the week. That happens to me when on vacation ... I'm not retired yet so I always know how many days are left until the weekend. LOL