Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chandy Party

Recently, with the move and all, I have been blocked about what to take pictures of and blog about. Then I saw that Savvy City Farmer is throwing a Chandy Party for bloggers to post about their chandeliers. Well, I can do that! So I moved all the crap that still hasn't been unpacked or put away, and took some pictures of the part of the dining room that's usable. Finally I'm going to show some parts of the house.

This is an old chandelier that the builder's designer wife put in the house. I love it/I hate it/I love it sometimes...and sometimes not. It is very thin and fragile looking. Not one of the chunky chandeliers I love, so to beef it up I put a swag of rustic pine branches and pine cones on it.

Now in my last post on my word for the year, I told you I was going to follow the Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or You do without philosophy. That includes this chandelier. So, since I can't replace it, I'm going to focus on what I like about it:

First of all, this chandy has "hats" as Wild Bill calls the shades on lights. Leave it to a Texan to have all his taste in his mouth. His mother told me that, so don't think I'm judging...just relating a fact she pointed out, even tho she loves her only child dearly!

The hats give the lights a gold-ish glow when not being hit by the flash I'm trying to learn how to turn off. I love a soft yellow gold light, especially in the dining room.

Second, the metal is old and crumbly and brown and aged. I didn't even have to do anything with glaze or stain to get it aged.

The builder had a faux painter paint the ceiling a dark brown with a reflective glaze, the chandelier's lights cause a sparkling moody effect on the ceiling, which I really like.

I've been going through Pinterest and other blogs and old magazines looking for ideas to beef this chandelier up. If you have an idea you'd like to share with me in this regard, please leave me a comment. Like everyone else, I love to read your comments.

Here's a picture of the table and chairs in the room. I haven't removed all the Christmas decor yet, so I just mixed in some Valentine's Day stuff to try to start moving away for Christmas.

I'm thinking pine cones and evergreens do go with Winter too, right? I mean, they're not just for Christmas, don't you agree?

The table is from Pottery Barn and the Valentine's Day sign is from Hobby Lobby. They have some really cute V-Day decorations already in their isles.

So, that's the chandelier and the part of the dining room I can show you for now. Hope to see what you have hanging from your ceiling at the Savvy City Farmer's Chandy Party. You can click on the link below to add your post and see what everyone else is showing. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Greetings! I'm a Follower of yours and I apologize for not visiting more often, I haven't even been posting myself a lot lately, nor visiting my usual blogs!
    Anyway, I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit for your beautiful room! The chandelier is very pretty, it doesn't look thin (I forget what you said above that you weren't that wild about) and I love the way you used the evergreen to accent it for the holidays (I've done the same with mine in the past). I am also like a "detective" because I noticed your pretty drapes and pretty pillows in the photos (especially the french one!) and I think you've done a great job. Thanks for sharing with us!
    P.S. I forgot to say: I like that dark brown ceiling. I know a lot of people are going on the "lighter" bandwagon for decorating in some rooms, but I happen to think dark colors are very classy and upscale!

  2. I know of that love/hate relationship ...
    it's an interesting and very expensive looking lamp ...

    I think I like it ... haha

    perhaps always dressed seasonally will make it extra special

    thanks for the generous shout out!!!

  3. I hope I can find or make a chandie this year.
    I can see in my crystal ball you putting cowboy hats on to replace the shades and trimming the chandi with bobbles you will find thrifting. I think I see rope? Love the pine in your lamp ;-)