Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old Painted Doors Are The Best Doors

I like anything that's painted. My husband likes anything with stained wood (no paint). This seems to be a trait shared by most male/female couples. Why do men like unpainted wood?

Here's our front door. Wood, no paint. I would paint it in a minute, my husband would not.

Forgive the Christmas wreath, but these are the only pictures I have available right now.

The next picture is my idea of a perfect door. Old, with chippy paint. My husband would cringe just looking at it.

Perfection is hard to define, but I think old painted doors are the best doors. What do you think?

I'm joining the Everything But The Kitchen Sink party over at A Little Knick Knack. Hope you'll come over and join up too! You can click on her link in the 'blogs I follow' column on the right side of the screen.


  1. Here is where my split decisions comes out...I love it...I love it! I love both. But how to combine BOTH clashes you think? Maybe we should have two homes? I dunno. If you paint the door will it be clashing with the rest?
    It is a beautiful door. Maybe you can paint the back door? I dunno. I am no help am I.

  2. I would paint our front door, my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, etc... but like your husband, mine only wants plain wood. What's up with these guys?? My kitchen is sooo dark and painting the cabinets would lighten and brighten the room so much. The walls are already a light color and we are not ready to change out the dark grey countertops that the previous owner put it. Paint is a cheap and beautiful fix.

  3. The best doors are the ones that are open.

    One of these days when I repaint my walls I am going to figure out how to paint my icky cabinets!

  4. Jenny, check out the kitchen cabinets at for some great looking cabinets and added moulding.

  5. Thanks for stoping by B is for Becky!!

    I have the same problem!!! The husband loves stained unpainted wood, I want your dream front door too! I also like painted brick and he thinks it's a sin to paint brick!! AHHHHH! hahaha