Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Glued To Duck Dynasty

Join the Dynasty                                                   

Season two is about to start. How have we missed this show for so long???

Wild Bill and I DVR'd a few episodes of Duck Dynasty and watched them all in one night. We never laughed so much over a TV show.

The first episode we watched, the "Duck Men"  went out to their old duck blind to make sure it was still usable. They encountered a multitude of snakes that were living in the blind, so they decided to tear it down. The father, Phil, was upset to lose his favorite blind until someone suggested blowing it up.

To quote the men, "...a redneck would let you blow up his house and be happy about it if the fire was big enough!"

Check it out on A&E, Duck Dynasty.  Believe me, no one paid me to say good things about them, I guess I'm just a natural redneck.


  1. I am crazy about this show!!! I have watched every rerun at least a zen times. Can't wait for the new sason to start tonight!!! It is so funny, but it is also great to see a close Christian family, instead of most of this junk that is on t.v.Have you watched Swamp People? You would love it too-good people.

  2. I have never seen this funny show... but I have seen the "duck men" interviewed! Very interesting!

  3. Haven't seen the show but just found your blog! Love it!

  4. We love that show around this house! Can't wait for the new season to start. We need a little dose of Willie, Jase and Uncle Si. And I love that they always wrap up the show with the family at the dinner table, lifting up a prayer. It's good stuff!