Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Polohouse Blog

I've been traveling, visiting the grand kids and doing good deeds for family members. 

We took the Texas Cadillac (our pickup) so we could pick up a queen bed from one daughter and take it to another daughter in a different state. While traveling down Arizona on a small 2-lane road from Flagstaff to Sedona to Prescott, we got lots of "looks" hauling that bed in the back.  

I haven't been blogging, but still enjoyed reading and keeping up with some of my favorite blogs. One favorite, The Polohouse Blog, has a feature each month called favorites on the first. If you want to post your favorite things, you have from the first to third of each month to link up. Or, if you've been distracted like me, you can just go over and see what everyone is up to.

Photo Source: The Polohouse Blog

This picture is what The Polohouse featured as her favorite this month. The house is lovely and her decorating is always up with the current season (I doubt she waited until St. Patrick's Day to take down her Christmas decorations last year.) Take a peek and I'm sure you'll love her blog too!

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