Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorite Lamp

One of my favorite blogs, The Polohouse blog, does a "favorites on the first" post each month. This month the feature is on lamps.

I immediately thought of the bird lamp I love that has been put up in a closet every since I got it.

Why the closet? It has no shade.

Four and a half years ago, I stalked it at my favorite shop down in Salado TX when we lived close by.

The price was "high-dollar" as Wild Bill would say. Too much for me.

Then it went into the clearance section of the shop because another customer ruined its shade!

Well, I thought it would be easy to find a shade similar to the oddly shaped one it had, which was kind of rectangular.

That was 4 years ago! It has been in the closet ever since.

This morning I decided to show it anyway, so I brought it out and moved the lamp below so I could put the bird lamp in its place on the side table.

The more I looked at the other lamp's shade, the more I wondered...hmmm?

Might the shade fit my bird lamp?

Yay! It did!

So...thanks to The Polohouse blog and her favorites on the first party, I'm finally able to use my bird lamp!

Here's a link to her blog party. If you have a thing for lamps, you should join up too...or at least come look.


  1. Oh what a fabulous lamp and the shade looks amazing. If you have a Ross near you, mine had several different sizes of rectangular and oval shades the other day if you want to take a look. Hugs, Marty

  2. How clever are you? I love your lamp. I'm joining the party.

  3. Love the lamp and the shade looks great on it!!

  4. This shade works great on your beautiful lamp! Enjoy!!

  5. Eva,

    This lamp is so pretty! And I love the shade!


  6. Oh how pretty!
    I think fate stepped in here somehow, Eva! It was meant to be!

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely lamp at Favorites on the First. The details on this lamp are so wonderful.
    Glad it is now out so everyone can enjoy it!


  7. The shade works beautifully! Now you can enjoy this beauty rather than keeping it tucked away in the closet. '-)

  8. How perfect! Gosh, that lamp from the clearance section has so much great detail in it...just a work of art. I'm so glad that you shared it so we all could enjoy it with you. The eggs in a nest on the lamp are just right for this time of year. I love that phrase "high dollar"...I'm gonna start using that. I saw your post over at The Polohouse lamp party.

  9. thanks Kitty. I'm a Californian, so when I moved to Texas I cracked up every time I heard "high dollar". Now I love the term. Thanks for stopping by.


  10. yay! I'm so glad you visited Pura Vida and I am your newest fan! I admire your patience and your wait was worth it for that sweet lamp!

  11. Your lamp is so pretty and unique. I love it.