Friday, April 12, 2013

Mantle Mistake

Just before Easter,
I was fooling around making
sweet little fairy nests.
I showed you them,
but I didn't show you some
terrible mistakes I made.

See, I have this wire cloche
that I haven't been able to do anything
with for the last year.

But, much to my dismay,
the poor bunnies look like they
expected to be executed...

...and trapped birds don't make for a
good Easter look either!

No matter what I did
the cloche just looked like a cage.


How about you?
Have you ever had such a flop?

I'd love to hear them.

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  1. I see those wire cloches all the time. I like them and have thought about buying one too. I never though about the trapped thing, but I guess they are similar to cages.

  2. I get seduced by those kind of flops all the time..usually I resort to the thing that seduced me in the first place and copy it to the T..this might be real cute outside with some herbs pushing up through it

  3. This is so funny!! The bunnies do look a little afraid. So glad to see someone as talented as you has a flop every once in awhile. Makes me feel better about myself!

  4. Maybe plants instead of animals? I have flops all the time! You should see my front planter right now....flop! Fixing it today :)