Sunday, April 21, 2013

Must Love Crappy Furniture

I've been married longer than on-line dating has been around, so I never experienced it.

One of my favorite movies, Must Love Dogs, was on TV last week. As I watched it for the 14th time, I was wondering:

"...what catchy phrase would I have used for my on-line ad had I been single when on-line dating was catching on?"

Of course...Must Love Crappy Furniture... would be an honest line for my bio, but I don't think it would've gotten me many dates!

When I posted pictures of the vintage dresser we re-purposed for Olivia's birth, I mentioned I painted the dresser (and all my other wood furniture) forest green back in the early 90's when I was a single mother trying to make ends meet.

In case you're too young to remember that stylish color back then, I found pictures! Well, sort of. 

This is an old farmhouse side table I still have, and it has been many colors in recent years. It was already vintage in the late 80's when I bought it from a farm wife who was happy to be selling the farm and moving to town. You can still see the forest green on the bottom...

Here's baby Olivia's vintage dresser when it was forest green:

A few years ago, I painted the dresser with Annie Sloan's chalk paint in "Old White". 

For Olivia's room, we used "Swiss Coffee" in Behr's paint and primer and a dark raspberry color from Lowes for the inside of the drawers.

I liked the Swiss Coffee paint color so much, when I got home I bought a quart of it for some projects I had been putting off for too long!

Wild Bill asked the other day, "...are you a fix'in to paint everything white?"

...and he said it like that was a bad thing!

Of course I had to answer yes!

He's just lucky he doesn't know that I know the "in" color this year is emerald!

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  1. You crack me up!!! Yes, I do remember the forest green of the 90's matched up with that berry red. Yup.. I had it, too! And now we are moving onto neutrals. Great choice with Swiss Coffee. One of my favorites! Happy to have found your blog.. I will be back!

  2. I agree, I'm not sure you would have gotten any takers for the "must love crappy furniture". I'm not a green person, so I've not been wild about painting everything green, and I don't really do white, black is my colour, and of late I'm like silver, but I love "furniture with history". When my husband painted the crib for our second baby, I wanted all the spindals a different colour, I thought that was it, I'm going to be raising this baby alone.... but with much, MUCH protest he did it. Loved that crib!

  3. LOL! I do remember forest green or hunter green! Ick! I have painted lots and lots of stuff white too but lately I'm liking all the little pops of bright colors I'm seeing on fellow bloggers projects!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TJMaxx finds! I love that place! :o)


  4. I had two rooms of hunter green back in the eighties. I'd buy things simply because they were that colour! It may take me a long time to come back around to green. White, I think, is a lot easier to live with. Go ahead and paint everything in the house white and he'll get used to it. LOL

  5. So funny ! Is that your knife-holder you painted too ?

  6. Giving your home furniture a great makeover really do make sense.

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  8. Oh..what an idea..i will trying to used these designs for my hotel furniture
    ..keep it up...

  9. Thanks you for this write, i m enjoyed thanks you, masko