Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Use Or Lose

I said a few posts back that I haven't been able to find
a place for the 3-Tiered Tray from Pottery Barn.
Not what I was expecting when I bought it,
but trying to live with it.
Then I saw the same tray used in a coffee bar
at Stone Gable's blog.
So, Eureka! I can copy cat like crazy!

I do need to rewrite the chalkboard and hang it.
I'm at a loss after my "Happy 4th" rendition.
Not everyone can be an artist.
It took a lot out of me to do that one!
If you want to check out the original, here's her link:


  1. I like both arrangements!!!

    Mine is wire. I've used ours for fruit and cupcakes, but right now it has fruits and bottles of vitamins :)

  2. That's the beauty of going to other people's blogs. To see what they have been doing, how they created it because they were open enough to share with all of us. Love bloggers!! And you did a great job using the tiered tray. Hey... any coffee left??? ;-)

  3. thanks Kadee. If you look close you'll see it's mostly tea bags as I've never had a cup of coffee! I should've called it the tea station I guess.

  4. Yours looks fantastic! I have drooled over the tray for some time - you are lucky to have it! The geraniums and lidded jars are wonderful too. Stopping by from Kadee Willow's blog. New follower!

  5. I love how you used that tiered stand. I like how you styled the entire table top actually, including the cute baskets underneath. You can get some great chalkboard quotes and art ideas from Pinterest.