Sunday, April 20, 2014

Local Home And Garden Show

We're a "fixin" to have some work done on both
our front and back yards, so we went out to
take a look at some of the vendors at the
local home and garden show...

We have a low spot in the front
yard, so we are very interested in
putting in a dry creek with these
type of stones.

And we have some utilities in the
yard that would be fun to hide
with one of these fake rocks...

The lavender and red geraniums had me
at hello... 

This lady got there first, but there was
plenty more to go around.

 There are plenty of rocks here in Texas,
but these franchisees are part of
a Kansas business.

Some of the furniture stores were there
showing their wares...

Kaleidoscope Farm was selling
worm casings. Loved them.

They had bags of casings open so
we could run our hands through
them. hmmm...worm casings!

So good for your garden. So gross though!

We met quite a few new (to us) businesses,
and we've already had a few come out
and provide services, so it has
worked out well for us.

If you have a local home and garden
show in your area, it's worth attending.

Thanks for stopping by and
Happy Easter today!


  1. Hi Sugar- I LOVE those home and garden shows. It is too early for ours yet-but they are so much fun just for the ideas you can get. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Fake rocks. Who knew? Some pretty wild furniture there. Maybe think of the drought when it comes to creek and waterfalls. My fountain kept drying up from the hot sun, then turned my fountain green. I have no luck with anything water. Except fishing that is. Home shows spark ideas.

  3. I've never heard of worm castings. I've always wanted a worm farm.

  4. Rivercrest Cottage,
    We have a stone from the Kansas Company (North of us) with our last name on it!!!
    NOT touching those worm castings!!!
    You DO know what they are, right???
    Good luck with your new adventures in landscaping!
    "Mr. Ed" is the Master Gardner here on the Prairie!!!

  5. Looks like a fun time. If only I had a green thumb.

  6. We just love going to garden shows...the lavender and geraniums are pretty together ~ who knew?!! Worm that's something we've never run across!! Thanks so much for popping over to our blog :)
    Karla & Karrie

  7. you know I have never gone to our local Home show which is put on every year in this city, I just may go this year
    I like the fake rocks and could use a couple also