Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chickens And Birds

Here's the black lantern and little
birds under a cloche.

It kind of looks like they're
afraid of the chickens...

or, that the chickens are stumped
by the little birds.

Either way, I find them
entertaining, but I miss the
flowers that usually perk up
that area.

They won't be here long, but 
then again, nothing ever stays the
same for long around here.

I'll bet you know what I'm talking
about, right?

Does your husband always turn the
lights on before he takes a step into
the living room? Yep, thought so!


  1. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Yes, dear one. . ."Mr. Ed" cautiously enters the rooms On Crooked Creektt. . .and now even in Studio One, as I'm making some major changes in the space!
    I adore the look on the rooster's face! Too cute!
    Birds and nest under a cloche. . .you're talking my language!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and visit on our Bit's 'n Pieces Spring Booth!

  2. Haha! This sounds like my Mother -in Laws! We visit her at least once a month and everytime, the furniture has been moved around and pictures on the walls are in different rooms!!! You never know what she will do next! I think she must be bored. Anyways, sweet birds!

  3. I love your roosters! I love any kind of birds and those look great there.
    My house is constantly changing, too. It keeps it interesting I think- xo Diana

  4. Hey there! Remember me? You know I love your roosters. The mantel is cute. I have black accents in my kitchen too. Hubby called me Mortisha. I sent you an email yesterday. Wanted you to know we are moving back to WI. Happy dance!! I have alot of catching up here to do. Hugs!
    Toodie, Nancy

    1. Nancy, saw your email this pm and sent you a note and roamed around your blog a long while. Wondered where you got happy you're heading home to WI to live by your grandbaby, you lucky girl!

  5. Popped in again- thanks so much for visiting me today! o Diana

  6. Well, thank goodness; got my "follow' to work again,haha.
    Have to tell you, I LOVE your creativity! You have a real gift, you know?
    As for turning on the lights, oh gosh, I hate to mess with the ambiance, but at my age I'll trip over my own feet if I don't have a light on. .....and I thought that would NEVER happen to meeeeee ;0

  7. Love the BIG BIRDS. There are probably thousands of us out there, that fit the oxymoron of "Constant Change".
    Hubs tolerates my endeavors with two conditions: 1. Is that I have to do ALL the painting, and 2. Never block the light switch! He works nights and just wants to reach the first light switch without falling over something!
    P.S. I'm signing on here. Wonderful blog :)