Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lining Up The Victims

We are getting ready to have some
outside projects done to our yard, so
this month we are saving up our $$
money by staying home.

Staying home really helps to get things
done around the house too!

I'm almost done with my current project,
so I've been lining up what Wild Bill
refers to as "my next victims".

Here's an oak cabinet we bought when
we were first married almost 20 years ago.
That makes it (and our marriage) almost vintage.

I think she needs some paint...
or maybe a darker stain...
but maybe not?

I'm open to any ideas you might have.

This old copper lantern is pretty dented
and tarnished on the bottom.

I'm thinking of adding some touches
of black to it, like I did to the old
red lantern a few posts back...

I use to find lots of these old lanterns
at garage sales, priced really cheap.

Most are missing the glass chimneys,
which are real easy to replace if you
feel the need to.
I like them without the glass myself...
much easier to decorate.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh boy, that cabinet can go a bunch of ways. For me, I'd opt for paint and maybe even more than one color and new and very different popping hardware. Now it would look great, too, in a distressed old English white, so depends on where it would be, but like you, I lean towards surprises. It's so much fun!
    The lanterns are terrific and I love the nests. It's reminding me of my front door and the finches that are building their annual nests in my wreath. Yeah, another year of being very careful opening the door, but getting to watch the babies and then the day they take flight ---and THEN repainting the darn door. Hello Spring :D

    1. oh wow. this happened to me yesterday when the landscaper came and I opened the front door, which we never use. A bird pop right out of the wreath and flew away! Thanks for your suggestions Jenny.

  2. I have a vintage cabinet like that too, and my marriage is vintage as well, aren't we lucky. I've started mine(cabinet that is) in a sandstone colour, I plan on doing a few wilderness animals on the drawers, My doors to the cabinet were horribbly heavy and I tossed them, opting for baskets in the shelving. I use this for my scrapbooking/stamping supplies. I think paint is good on this one. I've never seen these lanterns you speak of, they look good.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Irene. I need the storage so I'll have to keep the doors. I like the sandstone color idea.

  3. I love the lantern and the nest! I think a medium to dark gray would be a great color against the lighter wall. Gray in furniture seems to be the new white. I am an all-things-white person but I'm beginning to like gray. It would be a great piece to paint for sure! The bold gray would make it pop against that wall.


    1. thanks Bonnie. I like the idea of white or gray. I'm also an all things white person, but I have been painting so many other things white, I'm thinking of just painting the walls white and be done!

  4. I would paint it to an accessory color in the room. I have two old lanterns like that the Amish will want in our auction. I was told it was a good thing I didn't paint them. Victims? LOL!!!

    1. Hey Toodie! thanks for the comment. I don't think the lanterns I have are your lanterns on your blog so I can see them. Good luck with the sale.

  5. I've seen pieces that are painted with some sections left in the rich, dark wood. Maybe that would work for your piece. You would get the best of both worlds :-) Love those lanterns.


    1. Good idea. I really need to paint the bottom parts as the have damage from movers. thanks for the good idea.

  6. That is great old piece you have there. I think I see bits of black in your room. If you are going to paint it black might give it a great graphic quality. I think the big question is -do you really want to paint it? xo Diana

    1. thanks for stopping by Diana. Yes, I do want to paint it as it has damage on the bottom caused by movers. I can repair it, but will need to hide the repairs with paint.

  7. I think it would be pretty painted. I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I painted an armoire, and I left the inside the original wood. I didn't want to paint it, but it was so enormous in this home that I had to paint; paint made it blend in, and now I enjoy the piece again.

  8. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Paint those victims, dear friend!!!
    It will breathe "new life" into each piece
    giving you greater fulfilment in their beauty!!!
    I have never regreted any furniture pieces
    that I've painted. . .and in time, "Mr. Ed"
    even agress that for that particular piece,
    paint was the correct way to go!!!
    I'll be watching for reveals!!!

  9. Yep, that first dresser definitely needs paint. Poor Bill, he won't like hearing that. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.