Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Little Bit Of Christmas So Far

We had eight of our close family members
staying with us this past Thanksgiving.
Half of them were 5 and under,
which made things quite lively!

Livvie Lula liked reading the paper with
Grampy every morning...
Little Henry tried out some sweet potatoes...
Ben and Lily bonded quickly as usual. Only
10 months apart in age, these two look more
like brother and sister than cousins.
When they all left,
it seems to have left a hole in my heart
right where Christmas should be.

I'm trying to get interested,
but so far the ladder is still imprisoned
in the far corner of the garage.

I put some lights in a kitchen cabinet...
and added a string of lights to the mixer corner...
but I need the ladder to get up higher.

Sometimes small things can be
I will need to rally soon...'s December 21st and I can't take
the Jack-O-Lanterns grinning at me
 much longer!

Happy Halloween
Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had. I know you will get the spirit soon. Hugs!

  2. Such cuties. I'm sorry you are feeling down - I'm guessing (as a grandmother myself) that you will not be seeing them for Christmas. I'm sure you will see them soon, though! I've been in a funk of my own and I will see mine, so I kept things very simple in my decorating this year. I love the lights you added to your cabinet. Something like that would probably work great in my glass door cabinet where I display my white pieces.

  3. SO precious! I know what you mean about the hole in your heart when they leave. I just went through that myself and one of my daughters didn't get to come for Thanksgiving so I miss her and her children even more. I try to enjoy my memories of them by making tags and art with my pictures I took. If your worried about messing up the photo you can just do a color photocopy of it and use that. This helps but sometimes it brings out a good cry which can be a stress reliever too. I send the little bits of art I make to the grandkids and keep some for myself. Your right about the B-12. It's wonderful for the nerves, etc. It was doctor ordered a few years back. Thanks for the tip, very sweet : ) I hope you and yours have a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Don't worry if you didn't decorate. I didn't either, lol.

  4. The children are beautiful. I can see why you miss them so much. They grow up so quick. I was able to spend more time with my little granddaughter Madison than any of the other grandchildren. It would break my heart to see her go home. She is sixteen now. It went be too fast!

  5. The fairy lights are absolutely perfect to set the mood for Christmas.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this...sometimes the holidays can just be exhausting. But looking back are so precious. Merry Christmas...and btw...we will have our own Henry in a few months!

  7. Oh bless your heart. I can only imagine how it feels when the wee ones take off again. You rally up that Christmas spirit, ok?

    I am sure by now you have, hope so. I am saying a little prayer for you. Thank you so much for visiting, and your sweet comments.


  8. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I'd say you have had "the feeling of Christmas" in your heart and home with all those precious little faces to surround you, dear friend!!!
    The jack 'o lanterns. . .not so much.
    It's "The Little Things" (those precious children) that mean a lot in our lives!!!
    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas , now!!!