Sunday, December 7, 2014

Motivating Action

I'm convinced that houses become money pits
for the simple fact that one thing leads to another.
For example, we would love to replace our
wooden front door with a beautiful metal one.
We even spent hours picking one out...

But, if we added the metal door, we would also
need to upgrade our wall lanterns to bigger ones
that will match the new door. There are five
lanterns around the house.

So while we debated, our wooden door got
dried out and yucky.

This door looks so bad, all I can say is 
it was a loooong debate! 
 Well...we both wanted a metal one, but the price
was just too much.  Finally, Wild Bill taped
up the front door and sanded and stained it.
It's almost like a new door. We had the
tape, sandpaper and stain so the cost was
actually nothing except a few hours time.
What finally pushed him to get it done
you might ask? 

One day I causally mentioned that I
was thinking of painting the front door white.

That put him over the edge!

He's one of those dreaded "wood lovers" who
can't stand the idea of painting a good piece
of wood. Especially painting it white!

So, for all of you out there who also live
with procrastinators, you're welcome
for this tip because it really works!

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. I don't think my husband has ever lifted a paintbrush. lol He, too, hates painted wood. That is definitely a MAN thing! Your door does look great now- xo Diana

  2. Men just don't seem to get it....
    door looks nice now, tho. :)

  3. Rivercrest Cottage,
    "Mr. Ed" would be motivated right there with "Wild Bill"!!!
    He used to tell everyone, "I don't understand why she paints everything black or white?" Only now. . .I paint in shades of grey!!! (wink!)
    This past Spring, however. . .I am the one who re~stained our front door!!! Of course, as you stated, one thing leads to another!!! We're planning on a new front porch to replace the front deck Spring 2015!!!

  4. Your door looks great and thanks for the tip. Believe me when I say I'm going to use it... :)

  5. Your door looks fabulous, I'm so glad you didn't get a steel one, I hate mine, it's cold! and it often needs painting. So no wood grain, ...

  6. It definitely looks like a new door in person. I thought it was a new one until you told me Bill stained it for fear you'd paint it. Great job!

  7. how funny...I'll have to try that one on a few projects around here! I love that looked good before you fixed it...sometimes we just need to look through other's eyes..I liked the rough look of it, but it also looks great now!

  8. He did an awesome job! Your front door is beautiful!