Monday, December 1, 2014

That's A Crock

There's nothing I like better than a crock.
I use them to store my cooking utensils

and for decorating.

Three crocks sit on the rolling center cabinet
surrounding the pig.

I still have some Fall and Halloween d├ęcor up.
I plan to remove all of it tomorrow and start
decorating for Christmas.'s a secret. One of my crocks is
actually an ugly cookie jar.

I got rid of the lid and just keep it turned around
so no one can see its ugly 1980's-style side.

And if cows and hearts come back into
style, I'm ready!

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. That's cute. xoxo I do things like that too.

  2. I love crocks and I also resort to your solution. Sometimes things are prettiest when turned around.

  3. we do the same jig here! I just put some peppermint sticks in my pig's hand!

  4. I like the crocks too! Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations. I plan to pull out some things tomorrow also.

  5. Ha ha- I keep my spatulas in a crock that's turned around, too! The front of it says spoons, and I figured I don't need to be told what's in it. :)

  6. hahhaa...I guess we all have something to "hide"...I have a white pitcher/pot that has COFFEE in blue on the one side. I keep it turned around, too. :)

  7. you're such a trickster, who would have thought you'd fool us. Love your crocks, mine are too massive for a counter top. My husband's aunt gave me a giant 50gal. one and we were driving home with it in the open truck, on the freeway, and getting gassed. We were not married at the time and I just assumed my husband knew how to pack a trunk, I've since learned otherwise. I was so sick when I got home from that drive. I pack us now, it's healthier.

  8. Rivercrest Cottage,
    L O V E your crocks!!!
    I have a few from the Family Farm in the lower level Family Room, others were given to our son and daughter~in~law when they built their dream home and surround their fireplace hearth.
    LOVE the way you disguised the 80's decor!!!