Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Christmas In July

Nothing I like better than Christmas movies in July. A lot of TV channels use to do it every year. 

I haven't found any on TV this year, so I'm playing my favorites on the DVD player. Which, you might ask, is my favorite?

Well...that would be The Family Stone. Love that movie anytime of the year! I love that the characters who appear to have the least in common turn out to be perfect for each other.
And then there's when Sarah Jessica Parker's character, who has already pissed everyone off, thoughtlessly gives all the family members the same exact present wrapped exactly the same, but manages to melt everyone's heart by doing so. Good cry...good cry.
Christmas can't come soon enough for me. I hate Summer!
Me and the Chicken...we like the lights. We're party girls, no doubt about it.
In fact, seeing all the color created last Christmas made me realize just how drab and neutral our front room has become. If you read my last post, you'll see it's all white and beige...I'm missing these reds and blacks right now.
Maybe it's time to start decorating for Fall. Anything but Summer. How about you? What tops your Christmas movie list?

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Loved your july christmas decoration and I am sure you enjoyed it thoroughly. White cabinet is so beautiful and you have done pretty work with lights.

  2. I hate summer too and love Christmas, but I'd like to linger in Fall for awhile first.

  3. The Hallmark Channel is doing Christmas movies. I'm sure my mother in law is in a tizzy about it because she was so ready for them to be over last January.
    I love "While You Were Sleeping." It sure was hot today. I got in the pool to cool off a little. Merry July!

  4. "Love Actually".
    Love that movie.
    But iIm not a big fan of Christmas.
    There I said it! I know I'm in the minority.
    I much prefer Summer to Winter.
    But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall and Spring.
    They tie for 1st place,
    although Fall might win...maybe.
    ( I cry several times throughout The Family Stone movie, every single time.)

  5. I love Christmas too, I don't think I've ever seen that movie, must check it out. Merry Christmas.

  6. I've never seen that movie. I'll have to check it out. Not now though, I'll wait for Christmas. : )

  7. Strangely enough, I have not yet seen that movie! The Hallmark Movie channel was showing all their Christmas Movies for the past few weeks.
    I hate Summer too! I do not do well in the heat because of my auto immune disease so I can't wait until Fall and Winter which are my most favorite times of the year.
    Thanks so much for all your visits!!

  8. Hallmark did have a celebration of Christmas movies in July. I didn't' watch even one. I'm not a big fan of Christmas, sorry, so many painful memories for me and I just get through it till the day after and it won't be another year till it comes. But I understand that others love this time.

  9. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I l o v e Christmas in July on the shopping Channel (QVC) Networks, dear friend! For me, it's a "preview" of what color palettes and decorations will soon be arriving in our local shops!
    I'm not much of a Summer Gal, either.
    Already, I'm in the mood for the soothing hues of Autumn, my favorite Season of the Year! (Secretly, I'm resisting the urge to decorate the Family Room for Christmas! wink!)
    Loved seeing your beautiful mantel!
    You and the hens might enjoy some timed battery candles that come on at dusk and automatically shut off after you've gone to bed!