Sunday, October 30, 2016

Almost Halloween

Almost Halloween and we're preparing treats for the goblins to come Trick or Treat us. Some years we don't get many and some we're overrun. 
Earlier this month we visited one set of grand-kids (and their parents) for a long weekend. We live in different states, so it's always fun to see how much the kids change from one visit to another. One day they're babies, the next day they're kicking your butt at Monopoly Junior!
Listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast the other day, he said he would've been nicer to his own kids growing up if he'd known how great having grandchildren would be! I have to agree with him.
Our daughter's outdoor decorations are solar controlled. The Jack-O-Lanterns blow themselves up as the sun goes down and lights shine through in a cheerful glow.  I enjoyed the light-hearted feel of their decorations.
Wild Bill gets a bit wilder when the little kids are around. I got my camera out to catch his wild run when I heard little Henry yell... "can't catch me!" his Grampy. I'm not sure who was chasing whom, but I'll let you decide. First went Grampy...
 Then came Henry...
 Then Grampy came back around with Henry right on his heels!
They wore me out just watching them. Meanwhile, Lily gave back the dining room table so we could pretend we were a match for her mad skills at board games. Anyone who has Lego-age children or grand-children will know it takes a while to clear off all the Legos.

 You can just tell little brother would love to get his hands on those!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Lookin' good Sugar and thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!

  2. Cute Halloween decorations and so fun. Love seeing the cute grands. They grow up so fast. Happy Sunday and have a great Halloween.

  3. So cute. I love those solar Jack o Lanterns.

  4. LOL- I am not sure who was chasing who in that scenario you showed.

    I love the sweet decorations and haven't seen any that are solar powered--but then maybe I haven't looked.

    My grands change so much in the weeks that I don't see them. Kind of sad and I often feel I am missing a lot when the kids are 6 or 7 hours away.

    Hope you have a great Halloween. We don't get any Trick or Treaters here. We live too far out. xo Diana

  5. Oh how cute!
    The little ones are adorable!!!
    I miss the times when my nieces were small and dressed up for Halloween and went Trick or Treating.
    Yep, time flies too fast.

  6. I totally agree Grandchildren bring so much joy to our lives don't they? They are growing up fast.

  7. So cute! Love the pumpkins also ♥

  8. Grands are the reason we were put on Earth, I'm pretty sure...xoxo

  9. What a fun visit.. arent grand kids the greatest... we also live states apart.. but thank heavens for facetime!!!

  10. Looks like a fun visit. : )
    Love those happy pumpkins.