Monday, October 24, 2016

Kopycat: Fall Candle

I like the simple stuff even though I seem to complicate everything I touch. Hmmm...Does that even make sense?
This is my version of a recent Fall decorated candle holder I saw in a magazine. Yeah, I dropped some Fall colored leaves down the sides of the candle...I told you it was simple!
The faux leaves are from Hobby Lobby, that mecca of crappy decorating products that we all can't seem to pass up.
The candle is faux too. No lives were endangered for this touch of Fall moment! This remote-controlled, battery operated faux candle is from Costco (pack of 5 various sizes for about $20 and 10 batteries even included) and, though not as real looking as some, still better than lighting candles.

This picture was my inspiration for the 5 minute Fall decor. There are so many great ideas in this seasonal magazine from Country Sampler, it was well worth the cover price.

The cover says 217 Quick & Clever Ideas for Fall, and I did find a lot of the ideas charming. 

Thanks for dropping by!

(as always, just my opinion...not compensated for any product endorsements)


  1. Simple gorgeous! Nice candle idea ♥

  2. Honestly, I think some of those quick little ideas are so much fun and add so much impact. Easy and doable! Hope you have a great week, Sugar. xo Diana

  3. I loved the idea, so simple and yet so effective. You put me to shame with all your Autumn d├ęcor.

  4. I like it a lot. I have some candles like that and I have a feeling the decoration on my dining room table is about to change.

  5. looks good, I like the look of candles too, but don't really burn them, I'm so afraid I'll fall asleep and that will be the end of that pleasure.

  6. Thanks for the quick and easy ideas!

  7. Cute ideas. The tea pot is cute too. :)

  8. It looks great...I love getting ideas out of magazines...or Pinterest...
    re: my sign...usually, if I'm unhappy with something from the very start, I never really like it..the sign will probably go back to the store.

  9. Love your faux candle with leaves. THE retirement apartment where I live doesn't allow the burning of real candles and I of course would never break a rule behind closed doors. LOL xo Laura

  10. You know what . . . I like yours better than the inspiration :) The battery candles are so much safer, I love them. I do like to have one burning now and then for the scent, but I am going more and more toward the battery ones. I love, love, love that little tea pot, too :)

  11. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Love you Autumnal hurricane candle decor, dear friend!

  12. I held my breath until I read that the candle wasn't real.
    Very pretty!

  13. Hi Sugar, I love your candle decor. Simple works for me and when it looks this good, it's a winner. I use the faux timer candles and love them. I haven't tried the remote styles yet but I bet they are nice too.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring. xo