Friday, October 28, 2016

Five On Friday: A Dog With An Attitude

Joining Saturday's Critters and Amy at Love Made My Home for Five-On-FridayOn Amy's post this week, she wrote about SUNNY things, showing a wonderful sunny yellow spread she had just made, and it perked up my saddened heart.

Last week our extended family lost another beloved dog-member. Two weeks ago, while visiting them, it was a bittersweet moment when I took these last pictures of youngest daughter and her almost 16-year-old Bailey. 
I knew it was the last time I would see Bailey with her mom, as Bailey's kidney and heart problems were fast bringing a close to this loving relationship. I'd like to share with you five things about Bailey Girl and our family, I'll try to keep them sunny.
1.  Fourteen years ago, youngest daughter was a recent college grad and came to live with us in Albuquerque where we had just relocated. She often said she didn't plan to marry or have children...but a that was different!

2. We saw an ad for a "Pet In The Park" adoption clinic one Saturday soon after youngest daughter arrived. As we walked into the park that day, one dog lifted its head up high and stared at youngest daughter as if willing her to come pick her up! We went to the park just to have a look and came home with Bailey. 

3. To know Bailey is to love Bailey, but she was quite a handful in her younger days. Bailey's adoption records show she had already been through several home situations in her first 2 years of life when youngest daughter scooped her up and hugged her in that park so many years ago.
4. Here is a list of some of Bailey's devious misdeeds that come to mind at the moment. Some she was broken of, but not all.
  • Bailey loved human food and, when we would sit at the table when she was first adopted, she would knock her head hard against our legs to let us know she wanted us to share. 
  • When Bailey wanted to go for a walk and thought she had waited too long, she would pick up a flip-flop in her mouth and toss it at her mom.
  • When Bailey got mad at her mom's visiting boyfriend, she backed up over his shoes by the door and pooped in them.
  • After chewing on them for a while, Bailey liked to hide her treats to save for later. Under a human's bed pillow was a favorite spot for her wet, mucky rawhides and such. Yuck!
  • Bailey loved short, dark-skinned men. I mean "loved" like she thought she was their girlfriend. An Hispanic contractor named Jerome (who was measuring the backyard for some extensive work) got the brunt of her affection one evening. Bailey created such a racket at the window, we let her join us in the backyard to show her there was nothing to bark about. She made about 30 circles around the yard...zipping past poor Jerome's legs...then throwing back her head in a come-hither glance...grabbing squeaky toys in her mouth and tossing them at his feet. For the next two weeks, while Jerome's crew worked in the backyard, Bailey blew Jerome kisses through the back window as best as any dog can. He was her Romeo, and she made sure he knew it!
5. As bad as she could be, Bailey was just as good-hearted. Slowly through the years youngest daughter's "single girl" attitude crumbled. Another dog was adopted...a husband, daughter and son added...two cats came along...and now a whole herd of fostered kittens shuttle in and out. Through it all Bailey accepted all the newcomers. 

The first was a dog named Wrigley who had been so badly abused, he cowered at your slightest movement. Bailey sensed Wrigley's fear and helped him overcome it. When Wrigley would cower, Bailey would nudge him with her nose or give a low growl, as if to reassure Wrigs she was by his side. In the picture below she sits up high in her normal, vigilant pose. 
 Bailey would normally take the lead and let Wrigley hang back a little, but not too much. Here they're getting use to their doggy packs for a Pet Adoption Day Parade. Bailey's leading in the black pack while Wrigs is hiding behind her in the blue. I think if Bailey had been a human, she would've rode a motorcycle and had a lot of pretty tattoos showing!
Bailey, ever watchful of her house, taught Wrigley (on the left below) to look out the window for anything out of the ordinary. No bird or cat entered "her" yard without a protest from Bailey.
From the start, one of Bailey's favorite past times was joy riding in the car. As Wrigley got a little braver, Bailey was smart enough to let him sit in front of her so he got most of the wind in his face. 

Just looking at pictures of the two of them makes me wonder how Wrigley will ever get along without her? For that matter, how will we?

So long Bailey Girl...
Thanks for dropping in our lives 14 years ago!


  1. What a beautiful story about Bailey. They bring so much joy into our lives. I really don't know how I will get over losing my Waldo. He has some medical issues and I cook almost all of his food. He has liver problems. instead of treats he get carrots and he loves them.

    So remember all the wonderful memories of Bailey and she will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Gate.

    Both of my dogs are rescued and they are the best.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Halloween.


  2. What a wonderful tribute.
    I'm sobbing my eyes out reading about Bailey.
    (I just posted about my Vera and I understand the pain).
    I love little Bailey's scruffy face.
    Reading about her reminds me of another "bad" little dog that we know and love.
    My deepest sympathies to you and yours
    and to poor little Wrigley.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your daughters dog. Seems that Bailey left lots of paw prints on a few it should be:)

  4. Such a wonderful tribute to such an amazing dog. They bring so much love and laughter into your life. Sincere condolences.

  5. So very sorry to hear about Bailey, he sounds like an amazing dog. We lost a dear family pet earlier this year so I totally understand how you feel, it is so very sad. So very sorry for you all. Sending good thoughts and hugs your way. Wrigley will be fine, it will just take a little time - again I speak from experience - just give lots of hugs and love. Thank you for sharing with Five On Friday, hope you have as great a weekend as you can. xx

  6. Such a sweet story. So sorry for your family's losS.

  7. A www so touching! What a special canine family member! I just love that photo of the two of them joy riding in the car!
    I just shared our family dog today on my other blog

  8. So sad to lose a family member and that's what our animals are, a part of our family.

  9. awww, Bailey ended up having a wonderful life after a shaky beginning. That makes me smile. Sorry for your daughter's loss.

  10. Those last two photos are such a hoot. So sorry for the loss of this loved pet. How nice that your daughter rescued these doggies.

  11. Aww,very sweet story about your fur baby, So sorry for the loss.

  12. You did a wonderful job of honoring Bailey. She sounds like a sweet love!

  13. What a lovely dog and a wonderful way to remember her. She looks such a cutie.

  14. Hello, I am so sorry. Losing Bailey is like losing a family member. Lovely post and memories. The car ride shot is special. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your Saturday and the weekend!

  15. What a great tribute to Bailey. Our pets are so much more that pets, they are members of our families.

  16. I just loved your tribute to Bailey.I cracked up about her too,& the pictures of the dogs together is so heartwarming.They become our family,14 years old is really a long time to have enjoyed her.My brother just buried his 14 year old last week.Suzy even was a regular at their church.Time will heal you & you will be reunited on the other side some day.I have 5 waiting for me now...phyllis

  17. Loved this. Made me cry, of course. It really is true--to know Bailey was to love her. She was such a smart, sassy, loving girl.

  18. So sorry for your loss of a Pet. We sure love them! This was a lovely tribute!

  19. Losing a pet is so heartbreaking...enjoyed reading about Bailey! Hugs, Pam @ Everyday Living

  20. To start, your last comment on my blog reminded me that I needed to thank-you for your always kind comments on my blog, and your cheering us on. And to say to you how very, very sorry I am about the loss of this precious girl. You've written a beautiful tribute to her that has given me the chance to get to know Bailey and again give silent thanks to "youngest daughter" and your family for giving Bailey the chance she needed to have a wonderful life. There's no doubt this was meant to be! You truly made a difference for her, and in turn, she truly made a difference for your entire family, AND Wrigley too! What a gift she was, and what a true gem! Bailey being so intertwined in your lives for the past 14 years leaves no doubt that there are so many more memories not shared and remembered here, so I hope you are all finding comfort in them and in knowing you will see your beautiful spirited girl with an attitude again one day! Again, I am so, so sorry....

    1. Kim, I hope everyone takes the opportunity to stop by your Golden Pines blog and gets a weekly reminder of how important it is to adopt the dogs waiting out there for love. I never read your blog without admiring the work you do with the older guys and gals that find themselves hurting and homeless.

  21. A bitter sweet post in that what a character and Bailey has left you with many memories but so sad too. Sending love and condolences x

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  23. What a wonderful character Bailey was and you have written a great tribute to her. I too have lost a much loved family pet recently so know how you are feeling, sending kind thoughts and condolences your way:)

  24. This must have been very hard to say good bye forever after such a long time. My first cat shared my life for 20 years, from a young girl to a mother and also added other species !

  25. What a beautiful tribute to Bailey! Our fur babes are so important in our world. Each is different and brings such love to us. Hugs to you and your daughter and big thanks for adopting Bailey and giving her a wonderful fur-ever home. (I grew up in Albuquerque.)

  26. You've written this so well and still, I am about to cry. Sounds like Bailey picked up your daughter's ways and good heart.

  27. What a lovely story... It was very heart warming... It hurts just as much when we lose one of our precious guys or gals... She seemed quite amazing.. And I love we share our lives as well and all the info we have to help each other through the tuff times and all.. Have a wonderful Sunday... RIP dearest Bailey with love Janice

  28. What a beautiful tale of doggy love and companionship. It is so sad when our beloved animals leave us, such a hole is left.
    Thanks for coming over for a visit and following me.


  29. It's obvious that Bailey had a wonderful life. Your description of her life made me feel as if I knew her, so now I'm reaching for the Kleenex because I feel the loss as well. What a sweet, adorable little girl doggy.