Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's All About The Gravy

My cooking skills are low, but my copying skills are high. It evens out as long as I have a good source to copy. 

Enter Jean at Delightful Repast and her Make-Ahead-Turkey Gravy recipe.
My son-in-law cooks his turkey on the grill or in a fryer, which leaves no drippings for a rich turkey gravy. 

Jean saw his turkey on the grill in my last post. She suggested he use her recipe for make-ahead gravy, which uses two turkey legs purchased separately and roasted ahead of time. Genius!

Check out her gravy recipe at her wonderful blog, Delightful Repast, HERE.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I'm very lucky that I don't have to worry about cooking or about gravy.
    My brother-in-law does it all in a mad frenzy.
    Every year.
    Thanksgiving dinner is always delicious so it makes up for his crankiness in preparing it.
    But this is great for those who want gravy!

  2. Sugar, you are so sweet! :-) Thank you for sharing my gravy with your readers. It sure makes life easier (but all natural!), and I'm all for that!

  3. I think my cooking and copying skills are similar to yours!

  4. I have no gravy skills at all, so I use packets of Schilling turkey gravy mix, just add water.

  5. What a good idea, but I'm afraid I'd get lazy and just throw the whole turkey in anyway, :)


  6. I did see the post and it has me thinking what great idea it is. Gravy seems to intimate so many...I just go for it!

  7. My dad's turkey gravy was legendary. Thank God when I was in my early 20's I sat there and wrote down every move he made when he made it, because it was pinch of this and that, and otherwise it would've died with him 15 years ago. :)