Thursday, December 15, 2016

Five On Friday - Memories of Christmas

Joining Five-On-Friday at Love Made My Home. I'm focused on Christmas Past right now and memories of those that fill our lives.

1. In the Living Room...

2. In the kitchen with the Pig and Santa...

3. In the Kitchen Cupboards...

4. With the Grandkids...
Jack and Tucker 2008

 Lily 2011

Ben 2013

Livvie 2014

Henry 2014

5. With Memories On The Tree...

 Ginger (1982-1992)

Dee (2005-2016)

Bailey (2001-2016)

Hope your heart is filled with happy memories of Christmas and the loved ones you shared it with in the past. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. This is just the time for vintage inspired decorations, family photos and fond memories. A great five.

  2. Sweet memories warm us in cold times...
    Cute dogs at the tree, never seen before such things.
    Happy Christmas time from Germany

  3. Christmas past. Just lovely. Think the Pig in the kitchen was a hoot x

  4. I was just talking with my daughter-in-law about some of the Christmases through the years. She loves hearing stories about my son and I'm so happy that someone will listen to me.

  5. What a lovely Christmassy post. Have fun x

  6. Sometimes, I don't know what's wrong with my "memory"! Christmases all blur together. Maybe because no two were alike - there was no reinforcement? I don't know :) (I COULD go back at at least look at my blog over over the past few years. YES! That's what I'll do! Thanks for the stimulation - and Merry Christmas to you...

  7. Such a lovely post, I really enjoyed visiting today. I love the memories that are evoked by Christmas décor.

  8. Beautiful! Seems that it is the memories of Christmas past that make each Christmas special ... for me, too.

  9. Gorgeous pictures. I love seeing the family. I think that's one of the most important things at this time of year. Certainly something I try to focus on .

    Happy Five on Friday

  10. How wonderful! Each year adds memories to the box of Christmas delights and it is a reflective as well as a festive time of year. Have a lovey weekend:)

  11. What special ornaments those dog decorations are. Such wonderful memories.

  12. Oh, this is really a special post. I love seeing the kids and memories of Christmas past.

  13. Great photos and special memories, that's Christmas.

  14. Thanks for sharing sweet photos of your loved ones along with festive decorations that evoke good memories for you and remind me of my good memories, too :)

  15. Thanks for the special post. Memories are keepsakes for the heart. :)

  16. Lovely shots of your grandkids. Such happy smiles.

  17. Delightful memories in your post. Those grands are adorable.

  18. I love this post SO MUCH!
    Very touching.
    The ornaments make me blink back a tear or two
    with such memories of my own.
    Thanks for sharing your family!
    You are truly blessed.

  19. Such lovely moments from your week and the baubles of your doggies are so very precious indeed. Enjoy your Christmas preparations. Happy Christmas!

  20. I really enjoyed your Five! Beautiful decorations and such cute ornaments. What a great way to remember your past pets. I have a Christmas collar from one of my dogs from ages and ages ago. I can't bear to part with it. And every year I see it in the decorations box and remember him. I think next year I will hang that collar on the tree as a decoration. Thank you for sharing.