Saturday, December 17, 2016

Old Navy $5 Throws

Old Navy throws were $5 when I bought two of these plaid ones last year after Christmas.
I put them away thinking they would provide a good amount of material to make pillow covers or maybe could be used as backing for a quilted throw.  
I even thought of making a cover for the chair seats, but then we donated the chair on the left a few months ago.
Lots of ideas back then, but the throws got 'put away' with the Christmas decorations, and I forgot about them until this year.
I like the cabin look sometimes. Here's a few things I gathered together in the house thinking that the plaid throws would work with these things after Christmas to give the house a cabin look.
The green swag laying on the bench is one I bought at The Interior Home Store in town while shopping last December. 
Carol, the store owner, built a darling little Christmas cabin right in the middle of her store last year. She used old windows and wooden doors to build the sides and the top is made of metal...and of course the cabin was filled with adorable Christmas decor!
The outside of her shop always looks wonderful too during the Christmas season.
I love the shop's red door with the painted concert walkway. This shop is the place I go to get inspired every year.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Looks like an amazing shop to visit, loved the cottage display. I was impressed by your bargain buy throws, a wonderful addition.

  2. I love the red plaid throws at Christmas. That shop looks pretty and I love a red door. Guess red is just my color, except for clothes. :)

  3. Those throws are PErFECT for a cabin feel, in my opinion. They really warm up the place - visually and in actuality!

  4. ooo,I love those throws..for Christmas time or ANYtime..what a great buy..makes me want to check our Old Navy after Christmas...and i love shops like your fav one...xo

  5. I remember that post about the store and the cabin!
    So cool.
    I might have to hit Old Navy after Christmas.
    They would make good dog blankets.
    Just recently I'm back to RED again.
    (After getting rid of some red of course! why do I do that?!)
    I LOVE the cabiny look!
    and if you ever no longer want them,
    they'd make for a great donation at an animal shelter! ;)

  6. Can't wait to see your after Christmas cabin! Where is this lovely store?

  7. Oh I love the little cabin in the store. What a cute idea.

  8. Love the throws and I am going to have to make a trip to that store!! Love and hugs and Merry Christmas!!

  9. What a steal those throws were, I just love them!
    Your home is beautiful!
    Merry Christmas! Kimberley

  10. I truly adore that lovely cabin and those throws are wonderful cozy! Have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

  11. Why can *I* never find great buys like this?! I'd like to have a stack of those throws. Love the "cabin look" you achieved. And I'd like to visit that shop.