Sunday, December 4, 2016

When A Bell Rings...

Everyone's favorite Christmas movie brings with it everyone's favorite Christmas saying...

I couldn't pass up this pillow to add to my Christmas pillow collection. I added a round red plaid place mat and throw to the area to keep it from becoming too drab.

While driving to Illinois by myself last Friday -- a 14 hour trip-- I was reminded of the 'angel gets his wings' saying when the Christmas bells rang on a little Santa Claus decoration in the back seat...every...single...time... there was a little bump in the road. Ding, Ding.  Ding, Ding. Ding, Ding.

A less lazy person would've stopped to shift the load and muzzle the bells. And a less tolerant person probably would've permanently ditched the little Santa at the first or second gas stop! 

But I trudged on and the Santa and his pal got delivered to a new home.

Now the trip up is behind me and I will be staying for a few weeks. 

Bringing one pillow into our house, but sending two decorations out to middle daughter's house, helped me keep my downsizing vow of reducing our possessions by 50%.

This Snowman got to stay at our house. He certainly doesn't look lonely despite the fact that two of his pals are now gone. 

The Snowman dates back to December 2002, when I bought him for just $10 at a grocery store.

Some cheap inexpensive purchases turn out to be worthwhile! Fourteen years...Snowman has lasted far longer than I expected he would.

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  1. I love that movie too!
    Just watched it last night.
    My favorite scene is when they are both talking on the phone to Sam Wainwright.
    And George tells Mary he doesn't want to marry anyone ever.
    Cute pillow!

  2. I love that movie too, and I like what you've done with your area, so relaxing. The red pops just set it off.


  3. Love the cushion and the little seating area is beautiful. I love bringing out the decorations and remembering where they were bought or who gifted them so many lovely memories to cherish.

  4. The area with the new pillow is adorable.
    I have a tiny wreath with the same saying.

  5. That chair looks so comfy. Love Christmas bells, my husband would have tossed them.

  6. Glad you kept the snowman. He fits in just perfect there. I sure like that fat and the pillow.

  7. I love snowmen they are my favorite. Glad you kept him... Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.. Im a bit behind on visits... Hugs and love Janice