Monday, April 17, 2017

Built-In Cabinet And Other Dreams

I might have mentioned we are blocking off an archway between the dining room and entry hallway. The reason is to increase our storage space and add a place to hang coats. 

Some people love "open concept" houses, but I'm not such a fan after living without many walls for over 6 years now.
Even before we bought the house, I knew I would want that archway blocked off.  
My idea is to put a china cabinet on the dining-room-side...sort of like this, but with doors instead of drawers as it will not be very deep.
Vintage Style Magazine, Spring 2017 issue

On the backside of the china cabinet will be a mudroom-type wall on the entry-hall side. Again, kind of like this, but without the built-in bench. We'll put a bench there that can be moved away when big things like furniture or appliances have to be moved in or out of the house. 
Old Magazine Picture. Source Unknown

I've dreamed of this for over 6 years, but first we had to put in wood floors (for the cabinet to sit on) and lots of other things on our To-Do list. Now, we're finally tackling that archway problem, and we've found a cabinetry shop nearby to do it.
Of course I gave the cabinetry guys lots and lots of magazine pictures while trying to explain my "vision" of how each side would function.  

I figured a picture is worth a thousand words...but you can believe I gave them the thousand words too -- just in case!

Despite the pictures and words, I really don't have much confidence that it will turn out exactly as I'm expecting! And I've made peace with that...really, I haveThree weeks to wait and then we'll see. Fingers crossed.

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  1. The ideas are beautiful... Your home is beautiful!

  2. What a great idea! I hope that it goes really well and that you love it - I am sure that with all of that photo inspiration it will be brilliant!

  3. I can't wait to see it - what a great idea!

  4. Hope your dream comes true. I like open concept, it makes me clean more often, if I can just shut the door, I might just do it.

  5. Your ideas sound great and I look forward to seeing the outcome.

  6. How exciting. Your dining room is beautiful, this will only add to it. Good luck!

  7. It's going to be beautiful! What a lovely space to begin with, too! Can't wait to see the final results! x Karen

  8. I bet he appreciated the pictures and the words. In our house buying process, I'm finding that I have great ideas and nothing to explain them. Your house is going to turn out just the way you want it.