Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why Our Front Porch Is Never Decorated

This is my tale of woe...
Other blogs have lovely porches, decorated especially for Spring and Summer. They usually have a wreath on their front door that changes with the seasons...
I would love to have a pretty wreath that welcomes people to our home.
But when I put a wreath on the front door, it always ends up in the garage trying to be salvaged. 
Birds like to build their nests on our front porch. It seems as soon as I put a wreath on the door, some bird couple claims that little piece of real estate as theirs, and the nest building begins.
Usually I don't discover their nest until they've lived in it for a little while...and pooped on the window...and made the wreath unsalvagable. 

This time though, I saw the birds right away before they had time to build a nest in our new geranium wreath. 

There was only a few twigs stuck in the wreath, so I pulled the twigs out and dropped them on the floor of the porch...
I was hoping the birds would be able to use them to make a nest somewhere else. Somewhere else far away hopefully!
And since the birds hadn't had a chance to dirty up the wreath, I found the wreath a new home too...

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. This is so funny! The wreath is beautiful and it looks good on the cow too. I like your idea of a little wreath on the long legged tower. I'll do the. Thank you!

  2. Funny my dear... but the birds every year ruin my baskets in the garden... they pull and pull the stuff out till it looks terrible... with love Janice

  3. Birds like my front porch too. : )

  4. Just catching up. Such a shame but I must admit to laughing at your tale of woe. Such a beautiful wreath.

  5. Wasps like to build nests in our wreath and Mac has to spray on a regular basis. I got stung one time and had an allergic reaction so he takes care of the front porch.

  6. I don't have that at this house but I had it at my last house.. It is amazing how fast it happens. One day it is beautiful and a day later there is a nest there with Mama on it. lol I like your wreaths new home. xo Diana

  7. My Mom puts a small rubber snake in her wreath on the door - keeps the birds away - and detours unwanted salesmen

  8. Are they wrens? They will nest in very random places. Cute wreath.