Saturday, April 22, 2017

Three Things I Couldn't Pass Up

Back a few weeks, I went to an indoor flea market. I bought the cow in my last post and three other things. 
One lesson reinforced that day...take a quick walk around the space and see what's available before you start buying, otherwise you'll see things you love better, but won't have any money left *sigh*... But I'll bet you already knew that, right? 

Here's the three things I bought in addition to the cow:

1. This sweet painted tote box with old rusty hinges and clasps holding the end pieces together due to cracks. Perfectly imperfect!

2. Some products from Dixie Belle Paint in two shades of off-white (like I didn't already have enuf white)... 
The demo lady did a good job of selling people on her product, and I must say it goes on as easy and smoothly as she said! 
 The top one is Drop Cloth. It's a little darker than Fluff, the bottom one. I bought a larger Fluff as I think it's a color I will use more.
It says "easy peasy paint" in the top left corner of its label. I have to agree! I painted a few things with it. I think I'm going to like it. It's made with minerals that give it a little more shine than most other chalk paints. 

So many good products out there...It's hard to stick with just one!

3. A black and brownish-taupe sign for the kitchen. 
I love the unique shape of the wood and the texture and colors. 

I thought it would be perfect for the vent hood over the stove in our kitchen. I'm trying to add black and white to the taupe-y color in there. None of my pictures came out a true color. Please use your imagination here. Having no windows in the kitchen makes it hard to take a decent picture.

Here's the vent hood. I plan to hang the sign right in the middle of the scrolly thing on top.
You'll have to imagine how the sign will look when it's hung up there. I tried to get Wild Bill to stand there on tippy toes and hold the sign up for me, but you know how guys are.

Joining the party at Amaze Me Monday and Sundays At Home Party at Little Farmstead.  Hope you'll click on over and join in.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Love your vent hood, the plaque should look great there.

  2. Great finds. Your vent hood is wonderful.

  3. Great finds. We are experimenting with some chalk paints at the moment, I have found one called Everlong that is particularly good.

  4. Love your purchases. That plaque will be so perfect for the vent hood and is so 'frenchy'. Great buys.

  5. Your vent hood is gorgeous as is, but I can just imagine that sign up there! Great find!
    :) gwingal