Sunday, August 13, 2017

DIY-ing My Lights To Chippy White

My last post was about Quorum lighting options I found at a local shop

Before seeing them at the local shop, I had been drooling over the Quorum line of lighting at the online site called Lighting New York. 

I'm smitten with Quorum's whole line of chippy white metal and glass lights. Here's the option I love for the bathrooms...

Here's our kitchen island in an old photo from when we looked at the house when it was for sale.
I'd love to put this light below over the granite island, but I think I'd need three of them so that means I'll need to win the lottery soon!

All the lights are part of Quorum's group of lights described as a "Persian White" finish. As a typical DIY-er, I've been studying the finish and thinking I could replicate it on some of the lights (instead of buying new ones) to save some money! 
I think a good candidate for that chippy white finish would be our master bathroom lights, so I'll start with them. Don't worry, I'll clean off all that dust first, and hey if you think yours aren't dusty just go take a look...I was shocked.
I think if I flipped those bathroom lights upside down, painted them a chippy distressed white, bought clear bulbs and clear glass covers, I might get them to look like this...

Since our house was built as a spec house by a local developer, it came with a collection of odd ducks as far as lighting goes 

After buying 5 spec houses in a row, our experience has taught us that spec houses are built with bargain pieces, seconds, and mis-matched leftovers. Our current house is an example of that. 

There's an antique chandelier in the dining room. It's a little rickety and lightweight, but it does provide a lovely glowing light at night. This old photo was taken when we first looked at the house.

It might look better if the finish was like this one...

The half-bath has this black, torch-type sconce, which doesn't even try to look compatible with the rest of the house.
I was thinking this torch light needed to go, but then I saw this Quorum one and thought I would give it a go too. I think I'll use more white and less brown for the finish.
Even the fan in the bedroom has a light that needs some improving.
It's hard to see because it's a 16-foot high ceiling, but it's a gold-ish type frame and amber glass. 

Here's the one I could buy to replace it, but it would be so easy to paint and replace the glass.
I'm going to give them all a try and see if the lights can be improved, or at least a little more coordinated. I'm not going to make them matchy-matchy, but just not so out of whack with each other. 

And if it doesn't work out, I figure I was going to replace them anyway so maybe no gain, but no loss either.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Great post, I've asked for a mini chandelier for my closet for my birthday. At first my husband thought I was nuts, but he's gotten into it and has been actively looking for one.

    1. I hope you show it when you put it up. I have so many to makeover or put up I can't even think of the closets, but that would be wonderful.

  2. I love all those light fixtures that you have picked out, and three of those first ones would be beautiful over the granite island. I need to show your blog to Poppy. I mentioned changing something in the living room this morning and he said, you can never be happy with how things are. There's nothing wrong with how the living room looks! Well, the living room has been the same since 1989. I would at least like to get rid of those two squirrel mounts that sit on top of the TV cabinet. :( I could go on and on!

    1. Squirrel mounts? I hope you'll show them soon! They could be really cute worked into a Ralph Lauren type room.

  3. I like the third picture light but I think I'd like it in black better.

    1. I'd take any color. I would just like some lights to help me see since there's no window in the kitchen.

  4. Hi Sugar, you've shared some incredible lights here and all are gorgeous. I did some repainting of lights over the vanity for an upgrade and it made a huge difference. Love the one or three you'd like to put over the island. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful styles and upgrades. Have a great week. xo

  5. When we moved into our house it had a large gold chandelier in the dining room which I took down and planned to spray silver. That was 15 years ago and it's still laying on the floor in the spare room.

    Good luck with all your renovations I bet they'll look excellent when you've finished.

  6. I'll tell you this; you have a great eye for lighting products sugar. That's blown me away.

  7. Were you ever a lighting sales person? You sure picked out some great lighting.. I've been looking for mini chandeliers and can't seem to find any of them. Often times I wish we could take things home, try it out, and take back if it doesn't fit...wishful thinking.

  8. Cathy, check out the link to Lighting New York. I don't get any thing for featuring their link, I just think their prices are great and I love looking at them. I think they have a good return policy, but you'd have to check with them.

  9. I love every one of your choices! You've inspired me to think about updating some of the lighting at my house.

  10. Nope, Sugar, I wouldn't be surprised to see how dusty my lights were. If I looked. Which I'm not going to. Because I don't want to know. It's too hot to dust lights. :D You're such a skilled DIY-er, I know you won't have any trouble making your lights chippy-white.