Thursday, August 10, 2017

Local Lighting Options

Carol's Home Interior Store, a local shop in town, had a lot of lights displayed a few weeks ago when I was there. 
These two are my favorite picks for the dining room (above) and the breakfast room...
I would love to replace the lights in those rooms with these two, but here's the one I actually couldn't leave the store without.
I've been in love with this little guy forever. I thought they had sold it, but when I saw it had just moved to the lighting area, I bought it on the spot so it didn't get away again. 
It's going to replace the light in our entrance hallway in the picture below.
Of course when Wild Bill saw it coming home with me he was less than awed. I go for anything beat up with a little industrial bend. He likes modern (excuse me while I gag) and matchy-matchy! 

We used to compromise on our furnishings until we realized that when you compromise, no one gets what they want! In the case of furniture, that meant neither of us ever liked what we had. 

Now as far as furniture, we generally do without until we happen upon something we both like, but housewares and the fluffy stuff...that's a different story. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I do like your light a great deal but like Wild Bill I love modern too!

  2. What an interesting observation about compromise (neither really likes what you end up with)! I like your new one. What are you going to do with the old one? I'd gladly take it, paint it and hang it SOMEwhere :)

  3. When it comes down to it I bet you always get your way. Women want to decorate the world (well, the bits they can't wallpaper) 🙄

  4. Love the light and it will look terrific in the entry hall. Great choice.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Oh- I like that a lot!! It will look fantastic in your entryway. What is it with men and 'matchy-matchy'? My hubby and just about every man I know is the same way. xo Diana

  6. I would be gagging too at modern and matchy matchy. I just couldn't do it either. I do like the light it was a very good choice if I say some myself. Mr. C goes with what I want since honestly he has no choice...aren't I bad.

  7. great choice, matchy matchy indeed, poor Wild Bill, good thing he loves you.

  8. I don't like modern at all. Matchy matchy some things.. but not to mich.. with love Janice