Thursday, February 15, 2018

Friday's Favorite Things

There's a great place in Frisco, Texas (just a little north of Dallas) called The Frisco Mercantile

Here's a few of my favorite things I saw there when I was out and about last week.

 Isn't this huge mirror fantastic? I don't have room for it, even with 12 foot ceilings, but I'd love to do a smaller version of this around our bathroom mirror. 

And then down a side isle, this cute little shelf was hiding on a wall out of the way. It wasn't for sale, just display. 

Come closer...

I love this rustic thing! I was so busy admiring the shelf, I didn't even notice the cute things on it until I was looking at the photo just now.

I think this shelf looks pretty easy to put together...what do you think? 

Here's a view of just a few of the rows of vendor's shops. Their Facebook page says they have over 200 vendors inside the Mercantile. 

Frisco Mercantile

I never have enough time to see them all so every visit I start at a different isle so eventually I cover the whole place.

I bought this vintage library table at the Mercantile recently. It's narrow at 35 inches, but it's not the long harvest table I've been hoping for.

I'm in the painting process and for me it always takes a while. You know the old "put the paint on then sand it off and start again" process? Yup...that's me! 

My Work In Progress Table

Here's a table that's used for display at the vendor where I bought my recent table purchase... 

I'm starting to think I do have a "type" and it's old, white and flaky, but sturdy even though it has seen better days...seems my husband and my favorite tables have a lot in common!

I'm very fond of this larger display table, especially the white chippy paint on those legs, but it's way too large for our dining area and it's not for sale anyway.

 The Frisco Mercantile

I don't do paid endorsements on this blog and all opinions are my own. Just sharing a favorite shopping place with you in case you're in the area. 

The Frisco Mercantile's address and phone information can be found here. You can also find them on Facebook. It's a great place to shop for new things, as well as vintage and antiques.

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Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Love the mirror, we have a huge gold one like that. I want to thank you for the thoughtful message you left at my blog, it means a lot to me.

  2. This place could be BIG trouble!

    1. That is for sure Jeanie, that is for sure! Bill won't even come in. He sits in the car and reads a book. I do what I call a "run about" where I cover what I can in 20 or 30 mins and then leave. So many ideas and inspiration. It's where I usually get my one-of-a-kinds to try to make.

  3. The shelf reminds me of my plate rack. It's amazing how little space the piece takes up and it holds so much.

    1. Yes, I've been admiring your plate rack since you added it to the cottage. That's exactly what I need.

  4. Love that store, thank for sharing. So many great items, I would be in trouble LOL

    Have a great weekend Sugar.


  5. I love Frisco Mercantile, and that is indeed an awesome mirror! It is such a fun place. You reminded me that I'm overdue for a visit. Thanks for the reminder.

    I also did a blog post about Frisco Mercantile in 2014. If you're interested, here's the link:

  6. Great treasures!Love the mirror.When I visit your blog I also admire your charming photo in the side bar,so cute!Hugs!

  7. Impressive mirror indeed, a place I have no doubt will inspire.

  8. Thank you for all the beautiful eye candy!

  9. I love to come across places like this when we're traveling. My hubby takes a nap in the car while I shop! Enjoyed your post.

  10. I've been there several times and loved it. This is one of the many things I miss about Texas. Have a wonderful week!