Tuesday, February 27, 2018

High Dollar, Low Dollar Carrot Wreath

Here's a cute idea for a carrot wreath created by Kimberly at Serendipity Refined last year for Spring 2017. 

I saw a similar wreath at Pier 1 Imports last week, but it was priced at $79 so I passed it up. 

Here's a photo from Pier 1 Import's website of the carrot wreath they're selling this year in 2018. 

Pier 1 Imports is running a clearance sale and has dropped the price of their wreath to $55, but I still think I'll try making Kimberley's with maybe a few extra carrots to fill it out more.

According to Kimberly's post here, she used an old grapevine wreath, some leftover burlap and ribbon, and about $9 for the carrots.

The carrots are the same carrots I bought last week at Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 Imports. The ones I bought at Hobby Lobby were half the price of the other store by the way. 

I'm using them to decorate the mantle for Easter with a Peter Rabbit theme...

If you are interested in making a carrot wreath, I hope you'll pop over to Kim's Blog and read her instructions and show her some love! She says it was really simple and took her only 10 minutes to do.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. That would be a bit pricey for me too - I will pop over and see Kim's version. Thanks...looking forward to seeing yours too!

  2. That does sound expensive for a wreath, although it is nice. I thought the carrots were real to start with! I like your little bird.

  3. Just going to pop over, its a lovely wreath.

  4. These are really inspiring! I've been thinking of carrot wreaths since your other posts but I'm going to try to wing it without looking at much more so I'm not copying. On the other hand, with carrots and typical supplies, chances are they'll all look much the same!

    1. Pretty much, Jeanie. Except I like looking at what others have done to get inspired. And if you take the best parts of both, you create something similar but unique to you.

  5. That sounds cute! I will look forward to seeing yours. It will go perfectly with your vegetable theme this year. xoxo Su

  6. Very cute - and so much more affordable! Wow! x Karen