Friday, August 3, 2018

LaurieAnna's At Canton TX Trade Days

Just a reminder to all local Texans that Canton's "1st Monday - Trade Days" is this weekend.

Here's the latest photo from LaurieAnna's shop in Canton...

LaurieAnna's shop is broken up into different type rooms. This bedroom setting is in the entry room of LaurieAnna's. Their Kitchen Rooms and Dining Rooms are always my favorite rooms to walk through and pick things up for our house. 

LaurieAnna's shop will be decorating for fall soon, my favorite time of year in their shop.  I'll be impatiently waiting to go there even if it's just to look around and get ideas on how to use the fall decor I already have.

Speaking of fall decor...this mustard colored spray was new at the Frisco Mercantile shop the other day. The vendor was just setting them out so I plucked one out of the box to try at home. Love them!

The Kitchen Pig got this fall sprig to replace the pansies he's been sporting since spring. He does seem to smile a little more since his mini-makeover!

The colors of fall go well with our house since it's a blend of browns, yellowish golds, and such. 

How about you? Do the fall colors make you happy the heat is almost over...or sad because summer is coming to an end?

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  1. I love Fall colors. It is my very favorite season of the year! I adore all things connected to Fall -from the smell of wood burning in a fireplace to cinnamon and cider on the stove...and pumpkins...oh! How I love pumpkins! xo Diana

  2. I'm with you all the way Di. I'm decorating now so I can pack up all decor except fall and Christmas. I'm finding pumpkins in all sorts of out of the way storage places around the house.

  3. Oh please summer cannot come to an end just yet.

  4. A little bit of both, I do love Autumn.

  5. I love your kitchen pig, I have always wanted one - he is so cute!

    Have fun decorating. I can hardly wait for fall and cooler weather.