Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ben Has His Say

I'm Benjamin. Mommy read me the post that Gammy let my cousin Lily do, and I told Gammy I should get my own turn because I have something very exciting to tell! After several months of being home with Mommy and Daddy, and sometimes Grandma Nancy and a variety of visitors, I finally got to break out of the joint. Daddy and Mommy dressed me up real nice, and tried to comb my wayward hair, then put me in my seat and drove me to a place called "school". My dog, Sweet Dee, was very sad she had to stay home because it seemed that everyone was very excited about the trip we were going to make.

One time when I went on an all-day trip to Grandma Nancy's with Daddy, my Mommy bawled a little before Daddy and I left to go. Here's a picture of Mommy's face the day I went on my adventure. I think she really wanted to go and cried because she had to stay home and clean out the garage while Dad and I left for our "man day".

Anyway, back to our recent adventure... Daddy carried me into a really bright and happy place called "school". Mommy followed along looking like she might brawl again...uh oh...but then she cheered up and we all had a good time exploring.

I met lots of nice kids and a special teacher. I had to go through a doorway to get to a barn-like place with lots of animals (or I guess they were other kids) ...hey, some little brat bumped into me...just wait til I learn to crawl, Buddy!

In no time at all, my parents were back to pick me up. I barely missed them, but I was really happy to see them. Almost as happy as Mommy was to get me back in her arms. Here I come Dee! And see all you kids tomorrow.


  1. awww, what a sweetie! Cute narrative!
    ps thanks for your thoughts on the candlestick! great idea about turning it upside down.

  2. Thanks Mom! That was really cute. I'm glad to hear Ben had such a good time. :-)