Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lily Celebrates Life

Hi! I'm Lily. Gammy said I could tell you the story. One day Mommy woke up in a really happy mood and even put on lipstick and makeup before she got me dressed for the day.

We seemed to take a lot of pictures that day. It felt like every time I got another piece of clothing on a picture was taken.

That's ok though, because I thought I was getting really cute with my new purple outfit.

The most handsome man that day seemed to be Wrigley. Since he considers himself to be a true gentleman, he dressed up in formal attire.

Bailey wasn't feeling well that day due to some medical problems, but she let Mommy dress her up a little too. She didn't feel like smiling much, but she did sit still for a picture.

We all went out to dinner and I had my favorite food with my favorite people, so it was a banner day for me...

When we got home, the celebration continued. It was Mommy's birthday, so we had a lot of years to celebrate. But Mommy didn't want to tell how many years she was, so here's what we put on the cake. Guess who got the first piece...


  1. That was very cute. Lily is so well spoken for 1 year old! I can't get over how much Lily looks like Jaimee as a baby in some of those pictures.

  2. yes, she could pass for Mama's twin if they weren't almost 30 years apart...but Wrigley would be jealous!

  3. Man! Now I know why Lily was so chipper today -- she was thrilled to be a published authoress!