Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Dee Gets A Bay-Bay

After a few days in the hospital, Jaysa and Mike got the baby ready to go home. You've never seen so much bundling and paraphernalia involved in "baby movement" these days. When I took Jaysa home, I picked her up and held her in my lap while we drove home. Today's babies will never know how simple a ride in a car can be!

So Mike brought one car up and I brought the other, and the nurse who was certified in "car seats" came out to the front of the hospital and checked out the installations of our car seats. She gave us a passing grade...phew! Then I high-tailed it home with part of the loot the kids received while in the hospital, and Mike collected Jaysa and Ben and the rest of the goods.

I brought in my car load and got out some blankets and pillows and made Jaysa a bed on one of the couches so she wouldn't have to go upstairs to lie down. Dee was right on my heels every step of the way. She apparently sensed my excitement and kept checking the window for her parents to come home. Whenever Jaysa and Mike leave or return home, Dee is ALWAYS looking out the window for them.

When Dee finally spotted their car turning in the drive, she ran to the door to the garage and waited patiently. Mike was the first to receive her happy welcome home. Dee was beside herself when she saw that Mike had a baby. You see, Dee often spends time at her doggy-friend Olive's house. Olive has a baby at her house that was born a month before. Whenever Dee is around Olive's baby, Dee will not leave the baby's side. So seeing that Mike had a baby in his hands when he came home thrilled Dee to no end. She forgot that Mom and Dad had been missing for days and spent every effort she could to get next to that "Bay-Bay", which is how Dee pronounces the word baby.

Once everyone was in the door, Mike had a hard time getting his hands into the car seat to remove the baby as Dee's long snout was in the way.

When Jaysa tried to change the baby, guess who had to have a ring side seat? Yep, it was like an inspection of the goods around the house for the first few days until Dee finally realize this bay-bay wasn't going to escape.

I'd like to say Dee missed her mom so much she wouldn't let her out of her sight, but I'd be lying.

Whoever had Dee's Bay-Bay in the next few weeks, had Dee, either under their feet, or nuzzled up as close to the Bay-Bay as Dee could get.


  1. Oh, my little Dee Dee! She is a good little lady and a great big sister. Her infatuation has worn off a little, thank goodness. People can now sit with the baby without having to hold Dee too. But she is still very protective and attentive of her Bay-Bay. I wonder what she will do when Ben is off to daycare in a few weeks and she is left home alone again with all that peace and quiet???

  2. Your tales of carrying Jaysa home in the car remind me of when you visited when Jack was a baby and for a second you didn't get that when I said I had to feed the baby it meant we had to stop somewhere!