Sunday, May 9, 2010

Come Grow Old With Me

I've had a crush on Bill since the day I met him. His mother says I've improved him immensely, such as haircut, getting rid of those glasses with lasik surgery, and most of all, burning his polyester pants and hiding his Members Only jackets until he forgot about them. I think he was the last member of that club! But to me, he's still my "Boy Toy" as he used to like to introduce himself as (yeah, right Bill) to my family no less.

Bill and I were both in our 40's when life brought us together at work. We remained friends for about 5 years and the odds of us getting together were very low. Then, when we lest expected it, life threw us together again. Since we were closer to our 50's by then, we were wise enough to realize we might not get another chance. We were married May 9, 1997, in Idaho at The Hitching Post. A fitting place for a Texan to wed. The picture below was about 5 hours before I broke my toe in a tangle with the bed cover, which is why I was still smiling. Come to think of it, that broken toe might be why we seldom celebrate our anniversary.

We have grown a little older and wider, and maybe grayer. We sometimes don't even remember it's our anniversary until it's a month or so past. But, this year we remembered because it was on Mother's Day just like the day we were married. We still didn't celebrate this year, but at least we remembered.

So Wild Bill, happy 13th! May the words of this poem continue to be true for us:

Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be...


  1. I love you, Sugar. Always did. Do now. Always will. Wild Bill

  2. You guys are so cute, sweet, and romantic! Happy anniversary. I hope that Mike and I are as happy and in love as you two on our 13th anniversary.