Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kitchen Tour

My favorite season is Fall,
but I didn't decorate much this year.
The kitchen got a few leaves and pumpkins.

The old cut glass bowl on the stem was
handed down through my husband's
family. I'm lucky my mother-in-law
saved so many family things and
passed them on to me.

The little orange striped pumpkins
are real.
They were 99 cents a piece at the market.
Anyone know how to preserved pumpkins?

Rather than orange,
I'm stuck on blue this year.
I think the kitchen needs a little blue.
Everything in here is pale.
So I bought some blue milk paint today.
Miss Mustard Seed's 'kitchen scale'.
I'm thinking the hood over the stove
and the white center island...

What do you think I should paint blue?

The wall color is a pale yellow that goes
green when the lights are on.
Same for the wall tile.
I know I shouldn't use a flash or lights
when taking pictures, but as you can see
there are no windows near the kitchen.

The breakfast room to the left of
the picture is the nearest window.
When we paint the center island,
I plan to add some feet to it to
make it a little taller.

The stove is a dual-fuel type.
The burners are gas and the oven is electric.

The kitchen cabinets sold me
on the house.

The cow head will move to the hood
above the stove after I paint it. 
I put the cow above the doorway temporarily,
to get it out of the closet so
it wouldn't get broken.

The inside of the glass cabinets
might be a good place for blue.

Still need to sand the paint off the seats of
the bar stools and age them down a little.

We bought the house in a slightly
unfinished stage.
No floors (just cement), no window trim,
no appliances!
That type of stuff.
We're slowly moving forward but...
It's a one-thing-at-a-time approach!

 Thanks for stopping by!

Here's where I'm partying this week:
* Savvy Southern Style's Wednesday Party

* No Minimalist Here has Thursday's Open House Party...
 * and Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Friday...


  1. It's such a gorgeous, custom kitchen that I don't know where I would put the blue. I also love blue and white, so I would be hesitant to change the white until I was sure of where I was putting the blue. The walls? Can you ask Ms. Mustardseed.

  2. You have a beautiful Kitchen and I love the cabinets! If you want to add blue I would either paint the walls or the island and leave the hood as is. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  3. It looks beautiful now but I would love to see the blue too. You have done a wonderful job with it.

  4. May I ask where you got your pig with the chalkboard?

    1. I bought it 4 years ago at Horsefeathers in Salado TX. Only $44. He makes every kitchen he's been in.

  5. Everything looks lovely!
    Are you ready for the holiday season?
    It's hitting us fast this year!

    White Spray Paint

    1. The day after Halloween the house is going Christmas décor. I've been cleaning out closets and have all the xmas boxes in the guest room ready to decorate.

  6. I love your kitchen. Great idea about your stools. I would add the color with accessories. I love your cabinets. You have a lovely kitchen.

  7. Wait, you are not planning to paint that awesome island that you picked up while visiting are you? I don't mean to sound like Bill, but NOOO. It is so cute as it is.

    Kitchen and decos look cute. Mike will be upset to hear that you are decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday and he feels like everyone just skips over it. ;-) I told him it is because they don't make Thanksgiving decorations.

    1. Some of the comments made me re-think painting anything in the kitchen blue. thinking now of just adding a top to the island and mixing in white and black into the rest of the kitchen. Thinking of all the options gives me an excuse to procastinate a little longer :-)

  8. Poor Mike. I like Thanksgiving too, but it's ok to celebrate it with Christmas decorations! That just adds to the festivities. If you kids will come down and bring the grandbabies, I'll decorate in ONLY Thanksgiving items for Mike. Deal?

  9. Hi, I just wanted to drop by again to let you know your beautiful kitchen will be featured at tonights Open House party.

  10. Love the kitchen!

  11. Your kitchen is amazing! It's neat that you bought your house like that so you can finish it the way you want.

  12. Oh, don't paint that lovely island! I love it the way it is although feet would be cute. Just add some colorful accessories. Then you can change them out with your mood.